Friday, March 27, 2015

Tags all abloom

Today was a typical spring day in Florida, we had sunny, humidity, rain, thunder, and a beautiful pink and purple sunset! The weather is nothing but spectacularly ever changing here! 

I wish we had cool predictable sunny days like other parts of the country...oh wait it is snowing everywhere else..... in that case I will create my own spring things with pretty papers and ribbons!

First up in my tag duo is a sweet squat tag that is meant to "feather my nest" of on hand birthday gift supplies. I tend to be ever in need of either a tag or a gift box! I try to make a few ahead but well you know how that goes!

A glittered SRM sentiment sticker and a stitching border balance out the heavy fabric bow and row of felty soft pom poms, I hope pom poms never ever go back out of style I do love them so! The image tucked behind it all is a sweet Crafty secrets floral scene that can be pulled out and used as a note!

This second tag is another crafty secrets flower all dolled up with a swipe of paint and glass glitter edges. I added a fringed border and a border sticker to the ribbon, that is my favorite thing about SRM stickers, they are so versatile! I can promise you that I will be forever in love with these stickers!

I will forever be in love with spring too, if only mother nature was as easy to put together as a tag is! Oh well where would the fun be in that?

make some pretties , enjoy your spring! XOXO~ Shantaie

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Gorgeous tags, Shantaie! You sure do know how to dress them up! I wish you could pop up for a quick visit here...your longing for spring would be satisfied. Suddenly, everything is in bloom...and it is lovely! I'll enjoy it for you! Hugs!