Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Smile for the camera

Hi!!! I have been missing out on posting these past weeks with my "real job" taking over my life! Ahhh isn't that the way? Time is either plentiful or nonexistent in my world...I bet yours is that way too.

While I was on a craft binge a little while back I made as much as I could knowing that time would soon be all too limited. buzzing around in a coffee fueled frenzy of paper, glue and ribbons I fell into "embellishment overdose" don't worry {its a good thing } I made a ton {read five or 6 projects} crafty types embellish stories too. You know how it is.

I super love this card, I hope you do too! Its all happy and sweet, and I need all the happy and sweet I can get right now!

A little stitching, and chipboard and my favorite SRM sticker sentiments are all combined with die cut stamps, tags, and washi tapes. I cut out a page of leaves months ago and I'm still using them on everything, I'm like a five year old with a book of stickers, its hard not to put them on everything!

I have no regular posting schedule in the near future but I will be posting a layout on the 20th so please stop back in {insert shameless on my knees begging here} I'm just so excited to share it with you that I can't stand it!!!  :)

tell me what you overdose on while crafting in the comments below. Like what do you want to pour out and roll around in {besides Robert Downey Jr} glitter? ribbon? vinyl? do tell!

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Lisarenae said...

It's so cute! And vintagey!!!