Monday, February 23, 2015

Junking Adventure

I don't know about you, but from time to time my mojo goes dry, my creativity runs away from home to join the circus, and I feel the alarming urge to bond with yoga pants. That is no good for anyone! 

When that happens I know it's time for a field trip! Last week I journeyed out with no particular goal in mind other than to go junking, eat something yummy, and play my music as loud as I wanted! I had a great time, and recharged my "fancy" in the process. 

I warn you this post is photo heavy, and is full of delightful {sometimes silly} eye candy! this was my day!

I got up early and swiped on a coat of navy blue nail lacquer, my outfit was pale pink, navy and ripped jeans.... no NOT yoga pants! disaster averted!

This organic Ginger beer is delicious but not for the faint of heart it has a serious ginger kick! The bottle is so pretty, and I am a sucker for good marketing! :) Packaging is everything!

Candy coated malted milk balls are my Kryptonite, my absolute all time favorite candy and look at all those pretty pastel eggs! I found these at The Fresh Market and I can't wait to fill Easter baskets this year!

I traveled to a few little thrift, antique, and specialty shops here are a few of the cute things I spied! 

I fell in love with this giant "S" I already have a few big S's {really is that how to say S in the plural?} whatever...stay with me here.  This thing is huge, 4 feet tall! Its pretty Ssssssspectacular! 

I. Love. This. Crown.

This little divided unit is adorable, but I had to resist. I didn't even notice the bowling pin until I was editing photos, and I ACTUALLY collect those! What a shame that I will have to go back to this cute shop to get it..... so upsetting 
{sarcasm should be leaking through your screen right now!}

Bow Ties are cool!

I love these weird glove forms, they are so fun!

Giant spools! perfect for ribbon or fabric, or just because I love them! :)

Who doesn't love lunch trays?!

Too big for my home, but its just so lovely!

Of course I will have to make some of these super gorgeous flowers, these are quite large and form a long garland. I love that they are tied together with old bits and pieces!

I shopped, I walked, I got dirty, and I listened to lots of good music! I love adventuring!

The end of my shopping day was rewarded with a little bottle of diet coke, the first time I had one of these aluminum bottles was in L.A. at CHA with provocraft and the Cricut circle girls. I think of my dear lifelong friends from that team whenever I have a bottle! :)

Life is Good. 

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

There's nothing I love more than a good day of junkin'! Thanks for taking me along for the ride! xo