Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happiness is handmade

Making and crafting and "doing" are all  extensions of a lifestyle, a choice to create an environment that is personalized, and hands on, and just a little more beautiful. That is, until you get hot glue in your carpet... that is a story for another time!

I am a crafty girl.  I am a handy girl. I feel just at home with power tools as I do with a frosting bag, or a tape gun, I actually used a chop saw a few weeks ago to "repair" a broken eyeshadow pencil! {true story}

My intentions are to take everyday things and make them a little more special. I do this for me...I do this for the people I love....I do this because it is the simplest form of art, the art of living a created life. PLUS I need beautiful things around me to buffer me from this harried life of alarm clocks, and traffic, and responsibilities. 
{especially to ward off the evil spirits of grouchy people} you with me on that one? ;)

A sweet delicate vintage pitcher of roses sits in my daughters room, a welcome greeting. 
You know how "gorgeous" those cellophane and rubberband wrappers they come in are.... yeah go ahead and throw that stuff out and transfer them into a pretty container! 
Bingo instant beauty!

Last night I made tacos and a big batch of fresh salsa, {and heck yes they were yummy!!}
I love to cook as much as I love to craft
.... except you can't eat my cards, I mean you do not want that much glitter in your teeth! ....ever

Bottom line, this is my place to share, and honestly I feel like I only share one tiny dimension of my real lifestyle, and what I really love. So in the days, weeks and months ahead 
I plan to get real up in here.
I want to write about and share my complete lifestyle. The life that I create. 

I hope you like to giggle, and learn, and look at photos because I mess up, {a lot} I try new things, and I love this thing called life! 
 Stay with me people, it's about to get good and crafty around here!

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Lisarenae said...

I like to giggle!!!
And you're very talented!!!!!