Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nested Strawberries

Hey crafty people in the house!! I have been trying some new things in the craft room again! I started with a sweet strawberry image from the Crafty secrets Retro Kitchen Digital kit. I printed the image 6 times (I only used four) on a natural speckled cardstock for a vintage feel.

The fun part was cutting each image with a nested shape, I chose a nestabilities set that has a large opening to allow most of the image to be seen. I cut each one with the next size down lining the die in the center.

I inked the edges of each cut with momento cocoa ink and layered them on patterned and sparkly red papers, once the first layer of the image was added, each additional layer was popped up with foam tape, creating a telescoping frame. {I know!} its so awesome!! I really love the end result!

I embellished the card with ribbon, cotton string, and a paper flower decked out with die cut leaves that were left over from a previous project...I almost always save my Silhouette "reject" cuts to use at a later time. I have a drawer that I toss them in and revisit it when I need a little tag or a shape! Can you believe I didn't add one granule of glitter? It took restraint people really it did. I had to walk away from the card until the urge was suppressed by chocolate and diet coke. (true.every word of it) 

In addition to having a little fun crafty experimenting, I have also been reading. I mean reading like words are water to a dust covered man stranded in the desert!  I never read Crime and punishment for school, so I'm tackling it now and so far I'm enjoying it. Downtown Abbey will have to wait a little longer! :)

 what are you reading and or watching in between crafts?


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Absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors and design. Actually, I just plain love it completely! Thanks!