Sunday, December 21, 2014

Oh that Stache!

I have been very behind this Holiday season, I have skipped many of the things I usually love to do this time of year and I've even been a little BAH HUMBUG at times. But dang it I made cards! I only made 15 but to be fair they took an entire day to complete, I painted, I handcut, I pom pomed and I poofed some staches!

I love the giant poofily mustache on this Santa, and he helped me feel so much better! I had fun making them, the hard part was decided who to send them to...if you are on my card list and didn't get a card I'm sorry.... I will make it up to you next time! If you do get one, well now you know just how dang lucky you are! LOL

I made two color options......I love them both!  I did manage to do tons and tons of online shopping while I was waiting for paint to dry, so I had a successful Holi-day! {worst pun ever} I stick by it. I seriously LOVE buying what I want without all that "standing in line, playing the parking lot game, or getting hit on by creepy bell ringers!" 

Share a link to your 2014 holiday cards I would LOVE to see what you made!!!!  Or just say "hi"
XOXO Shantaie

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Tracy said...

Isn't he the cutest thing??!! That mustache reminds me of a yummy marshmallow! Great job!