Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mini Birthday Party In a Box!

Have you ever wished so very much that you could be with someone to celebrate their birthday but it's just not possible? What if you could send them a mini birthday party all wrapped up from you to show them how much they mean to you?!  

Think about our Service men and women, kids who are off to college, family members who moved or are away for work, could have a festive little celebration that is sure to bring cheer and make them feel loved!  Of course each one can be customized, but here are the basics and what I used to fill my box:

Birthday candles to make that all important birthday wish, I punched two holes through the large white punched piece and tied 3 candles with green shimmer bakers twine bow from the twinery. I added a round wish sticker at the top allowing just a bit to overlap that area was used to anchor the candles near the top of the box liner I created with patterned paper.

Next is a fun party horn, you can use a blower, or any kind of little noisemaker ..try a kazoo! 

My favorite part of this little box is the bag of confetti! I punched little circles, and flower shaped confetti from patterned paper, and filled it with multicolored sequins, I folded the glassine bag over and tied a bow with green shimmer twine  and sealed it with a Bright blank label. I added the cupcake sticker to a small punched piece  and attached it with a mini clothespin. 

A party popper was given a makeover with patterned paper and sequins! Add a sentiment from we've got your sticker Happy and its ready to thrill. 

The last item in my kit is a mini banner made from the bright blank labels folded over a length of white cotton string, its quick, easy and adorable! Now fill up the box and decorate it with a bit of patterned paper, a doily , a birthday border banner sticker and a bow! 

Now it's your turn, send someone a bitty birthday party and know that a part of you is celebrating along with them!  Happy creating~Shantaie

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Lisarenae said...

I love this! How cute & fun!!!