Friday, September 26, 2014

Copper foil leaves

 Lots of times I try out things and they don't work the way I planned or just don't work. One of those things for me was foil sheets, I tried them a long long time ago and they left a gluey mess on my paper, and a ruined card for me to cry over.  As a result I gave up on foil and I left that product on the shelf content blissfully happy using other shimmery things! 
I kept seeing beautiful projects, with satiny shine, mocking my failure! 
I had to redeem myself and try again, so I did and this time I the directions....followed them and what do you know? I too can master those feathery thin foil sheets with ease! Not only did I succeed, I had fun.  The moral of the story here, is to give some of those "never again" products or techniques another chance, maybe you will open a door to a new love...or make a new mess- Heck either way it might be fun :)

I used Stampin' Up! heat and stick powder for my foil leaves, the melted powder gives a textured effect that is super shimmery! I have lots of other things I need to go back and try again how about you? What is your crafting product failure?

Keep On keepin' On~ Shantaie

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