Monday, September 22, 2014

As Seen In September

  Hi there fellow paper and crafty devotees!  The following projects were all published in last Septembers Cricut magazine, and shown for the first time here. I wish I had the actual published photos to share because I swear the photographer for Northridge publishing can make a pile of socks look like a soft cloud of glowing beauty rather than a heap of laundry!  I always feel so in awe of how she makes my projects look so glamorous! 

 I am up to my eyeballs in unpacking we have been back home from our summer in New York for a few days and it seems the unpacking is unending! Where does all this stuff come from? Just when I think I'm done, another box or container pops up and demands to be sorted!  I suppose at some point it will all be finished and life will get back to what we call "normal". So a quick pictorial post seemed a good idea, I hope you like it!

 I have also been preparing for our upcoming Stampcation  event in October. There is lots  tons to do, it is going to be such a great event! 

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