Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Feathered Hello

This is the first year of my adult life that I don't have a kiddo in school so my summer feels a little bit extended. I did miss the exhilarating stress of back to school shopping and the beloved injection of fresh pencils and packs of paper into the house! You know what I'm talking about..ahhhh all those perfectly new sharpened pencils and blank notebooks just waiting to be written in ...... is that just me? {okay so I'm a little nerdy about paper} is that really a surprise?

 Blank paper is the foundation of most of my projects and all sorts of inky experiments like this card!  

Published in May of Cricut magazine, this card has two themes, one being the feathers and the second is the silver ink I swiped over the embossed areas.

I tried sponges, paintbrushes, and little finger daubers, in the end a slightly moist paper towel delivered the best result. A swiped fine layer of ink without too much coverage.
 Let me tell you...I am in love with viva pearl pens, {like Pokemon you gotta collect them all!} I used the silver to add a few dots of shimmery round goodness, they dry pretty much exactly as they were applied... so uniform size is a skill that comes with practice! {I need more practice} :)
Feathers were cut with the Cricut and embossed with the cuttlebug, and mixed with circles of all kinds me thinks it turned out rather pretty.
Go get your craft on! Have a happy day~ Shantaie

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Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Shantaie, this is one stunning, and I do mean stunning card! The color combination is vivid and dramatic, and all that wonderful embossing and inking really paid off. I love the feathers, love the shabby every stinkin' detail. You are a magician with paper and ink. And yes, I love fresh pencils, notebooks and filler paper, too. You're my kinda gal!