Friday, August 29, 2014

Laced layers

I am drawn to soft feminine colors, curves, and textures. I gravitate to vintage masculine lines just as well, but the magnetic pull of lace and sparkle is undeniable and warmly welcomed by the side of me that loves all things girly.
  I have a layered {upon layered} soft layout featuring gorgeous papers and images from Crafty Secrets  I allowed the scraps to just overlap and fall where they may, stitching randomly as I went along.

I have a {pretty significant} stash of leftover Cricut or Silhouette cuts that I hold onto to use here and there but seem to always forget about them. This layout IS if nothing else, a "scrapstash wonderland" so I was thrown into the glory of using all sorts of small bits and leftovers to fill in the spaces of this laced layer page! {yes it was fun}

 I cut this adorable bird with my Silhouette but the word "little" was not cut as crisp as I liked, so I trimmed a new one from the baby boy homespun cotton scraps by crafty secrets cover it and add a new dimension to my page. I finished up my layout with a few sparse sequins to add shimmer without glitter. I wanted my photo of the magnolia blossom to reign as the major focal point, but still have a bit of glimmer too! {I love me some sparkles y'all }

 This was a new, carefree style of scrapbooking for me, and it combines a modern approach with vintage style, and I can promise you this is only the first! I plan to try this method again,  & dang it who knows....I may just fall in love with scrapbook pages all over again!


Darlene said...

Such a beautiful collage Shantaie!!

Elizabeth said...

I am in wonder at this creation Shantaie. This is a style I am absolutely NO good at, every time I attempt it I create a mess. You have put such pretty components together it is an absolute pleasure to look at.