Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey There!

I am buzzing around these summer days like a bee drawn to a sticky sweet blossom, bouncing in mid flight with an excited and tireless frenzy. Work, travel, fun activities, {more work} and somehow I have had the chance to make a card or two! The moments I have to create are few and usually feathered with constant interruptions....a total mojo killer! But my love of paper and pearls fuels me my friends.

I enjoyed making this "just because"card more because I need to relax than anything else. there is something soothing about the simple "stamp, ink, paper" that few people can understand....but you get it don't you?! :)

 This card is a medley of gold SRM foil doily stamped flowers, tickets, and chipboard. crisp, bold, and sweet! I know just who I'm going to send it to, and I know that summer will soon be at an end...but before it is I want to bask in its sunny hectic magic, I'm off to a concert on Saturday, a flight on Sunday and a cruise on Monday! I will be so ready to smash a stamp into ink when I get back! ;)