Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Easy As Pie for SRM

I have a fun patriotic pie treat box up on the SRM blog today!

 I love little gifts for every occasion, and what could be sweeter or more American than pie? This blueberry pie gift box is all decked out for the 4th of July! 

 I started by cutting a blue pie box with the Silhouette and started dressing it up with embossed kraft paper crust and a wavy We've got your border sticker. I love using a border sticker on a project like this because it's so much more manageable and much quicker than ribbon would be! (we all love quick right?)

I have this serious love for stickpins, and especially creating my own! Here I cut little berry shapes and coated them with glossy accents and sandwiched a flat quilting pin between them, I did the same with the say it with stickers star by adhering the star to card stock and trimming it. Ta da custom stickpin!

Top off your pie with a dollop of glittery pleated lollipops, punched pieces, and a glitter rimmed Express yourself sticker! Now time to fill it with a little treat and share with someone special! 

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