Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swan Birthday Cake Topper

 For my youngest daughters birthday I decided to celebrate the day by having a picnic in the park, and taking a ride in a swan boat on the lake. We also fed swans and had cake, gifts and took a long stroll along the lake. It was a really fun day. One I will not soon forget.

 This is the Swan cake topper I made to decorate her cake.

To make the topper, I took  two oval paper boxes, and painted them. I layered the boxes with glitter, tulle trim, pom poms, tinsel,ribbon, and flowers. The swan is just an inexpensive  plastic party favor that I encrusted in coarse glitter, {that resulted in very sticky glittery fingers!} also feathers were adhered to the back for extra fluff. We all know fluff is fun, this is a fact! *wink*
 a glittered banner made from an SRM sticker adorns a stickpin and floral cluster.

This sparkly swan sat atop her blue and white cake next to a confectionery garden of buttercream flowers and leaves. The topper now serves as a special keepsake box of birthday mementos. It was actually easy to make, but was somewhat time consuming. I considered it a labor of love, I love glitter, I love swans!
 mostly I love making birthdays special!

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