Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sugar Lobster

I'm in the process of repainting my kitchen cabinets, walls, and clearing out years of clutter in our summer cottage. It has been an enormous job, and I can't wait to show you all the glorious before and after shots...

but for now how about a tiny sneak peek into the kitchen via one of our favorite summertime traditions?

Lobster cookies are a sure sign that summer has started for our family, the cookie cutter was a gift sent to me after a funny summer adventure that all started with a gaudily embellished lobster purse that was waaaaay overpriced. We giggled for days as we spotted lobsters everywhere,on pillows, candle holders, and even shoes! Soon after the running gag was to buy lobster themed gifts, a tradition I have become quite fond of.  In fact we have grown to completely adore lobsters {on or off our plates} 

when we were invited to a big lobster boil it was a given that I would bake up a batch of sugar lobsters.

Despite the less than perfectly functional state of the kitchen, we managed to decorate a tray of cookies just in time to be fashionably late to the shindig, where we all ate too much, drank even more, and laughed ourselves silly. A sweet reminder that even when life is crazy busy, totally unorganized, and you have paint in your hair, that simple things like traditions and adorable googly eyed cookies can still right the world somehow.

I love to bake cookies,and really how can you not love a face like that?

My favorite sugar cookie recipe 
My favorite royal icing { I add lemon extract for flavor}
I use squeeze bottles to outline and fill the cookies, its quicker, easier and a lot less messy!

Stop back in for my Kitchen reveal! I'm so excited to share it with everyone!
make something sweet today
XOXO~ Shanatie