Friday, June 6, 2014

Shut The Front Door!

I have been painting and painting, and painting for days, the kitchen is almost done! A victory I may never forget! But this is not the kitchen is it? I decided to paint the front door in between coats of seemingly never ending cabinet doors. The door had been damaged in a storm more years ago that I care to admit....we are not lazy I swear, time however is in short supply while we are here! We sanded it down and on goes two coats of glossy black gel paint.

Gel paint is amazingly smooth and glossy......
 It's also a big gelatinous glob in the can!

I actually returned it to the hardware store after I opened it telling the salesgirl that it had dried up or something terrible had happened and I wanted a new can. Imagine my shock when she opened the can and said "that's the way it's supposed to look" what?? So I trusted her and brought it home and bravely pushed my brush into the goo, and oh how smoothly that globish gook covered the door! I really love this paint! The only downside was cleanup requires mineral spirits, but a minor paint in the butt all things considered!

After a day or two of drying time I decided our newly transformed door needed a little boost! We have long called our little place sugar hill because it's the home base for Fowler's Taffy, our family run handmade candy business. So I cut out Sugar Hill at 5" with My Silhouette and some SRM Vinyl. It looks so so good walking up to the entrance of the house! So much better than the damaged paint and tarnished doorknob we lived with for many years!

 I'm training myself to take a look around and really see things with fresh eyes, paint can totally refresh and renew a room, a door, a lamp..... whatever! Add a fun font with vinyl and wow what a transformation!

Do you like to paint?

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