Thursday, June 19, 2014

Parade Day Treats

Most every hometown has a parade celebrating the 4th of July, Memorial day, Labor day and veterans day.
  Showing our red white & blue spirit is a long held tradition!
 Why not whip up a few treats for kids of all ages to make the day even more fun?

Cover a paddle ball game in patriotic paper, and add a themed die cut, coat with clear decoupage and give as a fun party favor for your picnic, or a boredom buster while waiting for the parade...... of course to be enjoyed a safe distance from others ;)
Inexpensive, fun, and an unforgettable favor!

Pinwheels are simple and fun! Make a big paddle fan complete with a star embellished center for those muggy afternoon outdoor activities!

A treat box filled with little trinkets will be a hit with everyone! party poppers, streamers, little candies, ring pops, confetti, sparklers...whatever you want to share! I cut these using the Cricut in all reds, whites, and blues.
A little glitter here and there adds a "spark" too!

As you are planning all those fun picnics, parties, cookouts and parades, have a bang by adding your own "fireworks" to your events through paper crafting!

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