Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Unexpected

 Today was an unexpected and unplanned day off, my event was rained out giving me a chance to take advantage of the fact that the scrapbook expo is in town! I flip flopped back and forth between staying home and catching up on some reading or making the trip to the the end I'm really happy that I decided to go.
I Decided to make the most of the day and have an adventure! 

I ran into a couple of people I knew, and met some new crafty enthusiasts, most notably a group of teenage girls who were not only excited about papercrafting, but incredibly knowledgeable as well. I loved talking with them and seeing the energy they bubbled over with! It's always fun to spend time with others who are passionate about this hobby! I stared my crafty journey when I was very young, so it's good see new talent up and coming!

 The Expo was the beginning of a day full of small adventures, a day of quiet and a day of time alone. Time to think, and shop, and I even managed to sneak in dessert & a chapter of the previously mentioned book!

 It was a good day. Completely unexpected, unscripted, and inspiring. I left the house with the intention of doing some shopping, and I did, but I got so much more out of the day. I was inspired by the sheer impulsiveness of it all. Inspired by the aisles of creative products, the rain pattering on the rooftops, and the vitality this crafty hobby offers. People of all walks of life, all ages, we all connect and bond through our desire to preserve moments, create new memories, and enjoy our art form.

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Lisarenae said...

I'm glad you went! I knew you'd make it an inspiring adventure!