Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shimmer Resist Tutorial

I've always wanted a little reading hideaway or relaxing spot to sit or nap on mountains of pillows! I'm thinking a grown up tee pee would be such fun to put up for the summer! Kind of an indoor camping getaway! Soooooo I was inspired to make a card of the pink girly confection of a tee pee I have been daydreaming about.

I wanted a big paper flower at the top and some shimmer on my background papers, so I played around with paints and discovered this amazing way to apply glimmer mist to get a sparkling mottled iridescent effect.

Start with your card base, I inked my layer edges, and rounded the corners on one side of my card. 

Apply a thin layer of white, cream or any light colored acrylic paint and "swipe" along the card front where desired.

Allow the paper to show through, we are just softening the color and creating a barrier for the glimmer mist.

Open the bottle and spatter the mist with the end of the sprayer tip, big drops are good too. The paint will not allow the glimmer mist to soak into the paper, it will sit on top of the 
paint and dry. 
This is a gorgeous shimmery "insect wings" type of iridescence. 

I used sea glass, pink taffy, and lemon zest, all soft colors, but it works with dark colors too!

For the flower I used a scallop border, two sections rolled from end to end, the second one added to the first.

 The outer layer is also a border cut with my E cutter I folded the edge and rolled it onto the center I already created, when finished I hot glued it to the top of my tee pee.

I embellished the card with a doily, some ruffled trim, and embossed heart, a few sequins and tags with SRM sticker sentiments.

I also painted the front of my tee pee because the diagonal patterned paper I used caused a visual "flare" that made it look like a pair of 70's bell bottom pants! haha {not at all the look I was going for}  

I hope you like the "shimmer resist" technique, I have had some fun with it! Let me know what you think in the comment section below.
I'm sure you amazingly talented types will find new ways to make the technique even more fantastic, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Make something sparkle today! Shantaie

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Susan said...

LOVE this Shantaie! Great project and love the tutorial. And your sense of humor! :)