Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wish {really} Big

 It seems almost impossible to believe that my cousins daughter will be 16 on Saturday, especially since I was present at her very first birthday. This is a seemingly normal life event to most people.
  It was beyond life altering for me. Why? I grew up knowing my cousins and aunts and uncles from a distance, I knew their names, where they lived, and even had a few brief family encounters with them. No real bonds or close relationships with most of them, and I cherished the ones that I was lucky enough to really know. As an adult I sought to connect with the family I never really knew, and that day at that sweet baby girls birthday party I met my best friend.
 My cousin and I had not seen one another since a very young age, but as young adults, and mothers to two young girls, we connected. We had so much in common, and spent the next several months talking on the phone for hours at a time, marveling at how similar we were despite not having grown up together. We arranged visits, and partnered on various artistic ventures. We snort when we laugh, we share good times and bad, we thrift, we shop, we dream, and decorate, help one another, but most of all we are always there. I can count on her. Always.

That day changed my life forever, in the best way imaginable. 

 I have never told this story to anyone, but that day I felt so much love and acceptance and friendship from a group of people I barely knew that I truly understood for the first time what powerful effect "family" could have in my life. No hoops to jump through, no red tape, no magic tricks, they just liked me for who I was.
And of course there was cake! I never forget an occasion that a slice of cake is passed my way! I'm a frosting girl really...just give me the frosting!!!!

Happy Birthday Libby, your special day will always be my special day too!

 Now about this card!! I made a square base, and added layers of 5th and Frolic patterned paper from American crafts, The cake stand, cupcake, and candles {Stampin'Up!} were colored with copic markers and embellished with gold rub ons by Maggie Holmes, The flags, and swirl were cut with the Cricut and painted with acrylic paints and gelatos A clear SRM birthday sticker was layered over and swiped with pink paint, and I cut out the numers from the patterned paper and popped them just behind the candles. This layout was inspired my this weeks mojo sketch, and the painting was inspired by Wilna from twopeas. 

 I'm in the middle of painting my kitchen, and this was a great distraction, from  the paintbrush, and the ladder that awaits my return! I will be sharing my progress with you soon! Who wants to see my before and after photos???

Thursday, May 15, 2014

BEACH! {Quick and Easy gift idea.}

One of my favorite little luxuries are the lavender scented sanitizing hand wipes by Giovanni.They also come in peppermint and grapefruit, I love them all and carry them with me at all times! Everyone I give one, falls in love with them, so they make a great little travel gift!
I popped a few into a waxed bag and added a fun tag with stickers from SRM and a bright twill ribbon. Gift done.

This would be a useful and cute End of school year gift for teachers, volunteers, or the often forgotten {but so appreciated} office staff! Truth be told I knew my daughters high school office team far better than any of her teachers!  A quick refreshing "swipe-away-the-germs" as luxurious as these are make any day feel like a spa day!

*I really do use these everyday, and I really DO love them!
Have a great day & Make some pretty! Shantaie

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shimmer Resist Tutorial

I've always wanted a little reading hideaway or relaxing spot to sit or nap on mountains of pillows! I'm thinking a grown up tee pee would be such fun to put up for the summer! Kind of an indoor camping getaway! Soooooo I was inspired to make a card of the pink girly confection of a tee pee I have been daydreaming about.

I wanted a big paper flower at the top and some shimmer on my background papers, so I played around with paints and discovered this amazing way to apply glimmer mist to get a sparkling mottled iridescent effect.

Start with your card base, I inked my layer edges, and rounded the corners on one side of my card. 

Apply a thin layer of white, cream or any light colored acrylic paint and "swipe" along the card front where desired.

Allow the paper to show through, we are just softening the color and creating a barrier for the glimmer mist.

Open the bottle and spatter the mist with the end of the sprayer tip, big drops are good too. The paint will not allow the glimmer mist to soak into the paper, it will sit on top of the 
paint and dry. 
This is a gorgeous shimmery "insect wings" type of iridescence. 

I used sea glass, pink taffy, and lemon zest, all soft colors, but it works with dark colors too!

For the flower I used a scallop border, two sections rolled from end to end, the second one added to the first.

 The outer layer is also a border cut with my E cutter I folded the edge and rolled it onto the center I already created, when finished I hot glued it to the top of my tee pee.

I embellished the card with a doily, some ruffled trim, and embossed heart, a few sequins and tags with SRM sticker sentiments.

I also painted the front of my tee pee because the diagonal patterned paper I used caused a visual "flare" that made it look like a pair of 70's bell bottom pants! haha {not at all the look I was going for}  

I hope you like the "shimmer resist" technique, I have had some fun with it! Let me know what you think in the comment section below.
I'm sure you amazingly talented types will find new ways to make the technique even more fantastic, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Make something sparkle today! Shantaie

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Welcome To Florida

Hey paper lovers! You know what? I love to give gifts. It's almost hard to explain just how much I enjoy the whole gift giving process {the shopping, the wrapping, the presentation, and the actual giving} I seriously had a blast putting together a cheeky "welcome to Florida" gift bag. I found some touristy things like swampy soda funny right? Coconut patties made right here in central Florida and flip top Tervis tumblers { a gift I may need to buy myself too} They are pretty fantastic!

Lets talk about the card shall we?!!

Okay lets start with the Flamingo!! It was cut with my Silhouette in solid pink, I wanted it to be big, and the very first thing you see when you look at this simple card. 

Lets be honest, Its not quite clean and simple, but for me its pretty close! 

I added stickers and patterned paper from the Echo Park Splash collection, even spelling out "to Florida" in alpha stickers!  I stamped welcome with a tiny Stampin'Up! stamp.

The paper flower was made by stacking flowers punched with the Stampin'Up! flower punch. I shaped them with a stylus in the palm of my hand, and used glue dots to layer them. After the flower was adhered to the card I added a few drops of glossy accents to the center and placed three trimmed down Wilton stamen in the well of the flower and let it dry before moving it. Now they are secure in the hardened glaze.

 The gifty collection of Florida styled "stuff" was well received and put to good use. I try to be a good hostess and ambassador for those visiting our humid and mostly unpredictable state. I do know one thing. Something that I consider a fact, that is: if a card I make brings a smile than I have been successful. That is all I need!
Make something fun today! ~ Shantaie

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Unexpected

 Today was an unexpected and unplanned day off, my event was rained out giving me a chance to take advantage of the fact that the scrapbook expo is in town! I flip flopped back and forth between staying home and catching up on some reading or making the trip to the the end I'm really happy that I decided to go.
I Decided to make the most of the day and have an adventure! 

I ran into a couple of people I knew, and met some new crafty enthusiasts, most notably a group of teenage girls who were not only excited about papercrafting, but incredibly knowledgeable as well. I loved talking with them and seeing the energy they bubbled over with! It's always fun to spend time with others who are passionate about this hobby! I stared my crafty journey when I was very young, so it's good see new talent up and coming!

 The Expo was the beginning of a day full of small adventures, a day of quiet and a day of time alone. Time to think, and shop, and I even managed to sneak in dessert & a chapter of the previously mentioned book!

 It was a good day. Completely unexpected, unscripted, and inspiring. I left the house with the intention of doing some shopping, and I did, but I got so much more out of the day. I was inspired by the sheer impulsiveness of it all. Inspired by the aisles of creative products, the rain pattering on the rooftops, and the vitality this crafty hobby offers. People of all walks of life, all ages, we all connect and bond through our desire to preserve moments, create new memories, and enjoy our art form.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wave After Wave

When I first laid eyes on the Hello Sailor stamp set from Stampin'Up!   I had visions of summery nautical projects dancing in my head! I know its a tiny bit early, but I just had to get some ink on those stamps!!!

 Lately I have been in the mood to just get back to square one. What I mean is that I have for so long only designed for assignments and not for me.... for fun. I felt anchored to one spot, stuck in a creative void at times. Recently I have let go and just made the things I like to make, and It's been fun, easy & amazing to tap into my heart! I love to make things, I love to share them, and I love learning new techniques as I play!

If you are a Cricut magazine subscriber or reader you may have seen my tutorial on this Frothy water technique using puffy paint and the heat tool, its one of my favorites, and one that I play with to see what new things I can do with puffy paint. Like adding glitter, beads, color spritz etc. This card was made following the mojo monday sketch for this week, tall and skinny! I like this sketch a lot!

Try it, if you find some cool new thing make sure to share it with me!

I swiped the anchor {cut with the Silhouette} with silver powder and dipped it in versamark ink, coated it in clear embossing powder and melted it with my heat tool. I like the way it turned out with just a touch of shimmer. I would maybe use a medium to stick the powder to the paper next time. 
  It's my hope that you all are loving the projects that you make, and that you are having fun, and that no matter what you are anchored to, what you "have" to do that you will let true happiness and creativity buoy you up. Don't let your passion become a chore, or a competition, just let it be your love!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pink Moon

I'm lucky in so many ways. I am fortunate enough to live near and get to visit one of the most inspirational and fun places in the World. Each time I go to Disney I am surrounded by the typical Disney magic, but it means so much more than that to me.

It's family time, laughter, and a way for us to relax and unwind. On our most recent trip it rained, it stormed, and we spent the entire night dodging raindrops, laughing while soaked through. I somehow managed consent to ride it's a small world.... AGAIN !!  
 I love that ride,{ my family... not so much} all that glitter, the art behind the ride, the creativity that went into the magic! Not a thrill ride in the conventional sense!

There is a silly hanging  moon that inspired today's card. I cut the moon, stars, layers and crown with the Silhouette, inked all the edges, and embossed my layers. I swiped the edges lightly with gold paint, I love the way the dry brushed paint turned out.

I do sometimes forget to thank my lucky stars, every now and than something small and wonderful reminds me. Like riding a ride soaking wet, and smiling at a silly hanging moon.
XOXO~ Shantaie