Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You're more than a furry friend!

Everyone loves their pets, they are like perpetual children, loyal guards and secret keepers! So it's only natural that we reserve space for them in our scrapbooks, albums and framed photos.
Allow me to introduce you to Jackson, 

He is my daughters very expressive, very mischievous, and very very energetic "puppy". He makes the most hilarious faces, and I'm always wondering what he is thinking in that sugar filled brain of his!  He was such a tiny little thing when she adopted him {or he adopted her}, we never imagined he would grow quite so large! He is adored by all, and he is family!

 The whimsical blue fire hydrant was cut with the Cricut, and assembled with a "plaything" style in mind, the papers, journaling tags, and stickers are all from Bella BLVD.  tail waggers collection.

I did quite a bit of stitching on this page, all in a neutral thread, I already had sooooo much color going on!  If I could change anything about this layout {that was previously published in Cricut magazine} I would mat the photos. I originally left them unframed as a design preference....but now I think they would pop a bit more if matted. {I do that all the time, look at a project and see what I want to fuss with!} Do you ever do that?

I have a paintbrush and some piles of glitter waiting for my attention, so off to work!
Make something pretty today! ~ Shantaie

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