Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sugars & Sprinkles Shelves

Like most crafty types, I have many interests and creative pursuits not the least of which is baking... well decorating baked goods anyways! Like my love for glitter I have a nice assortment of colored sugars, sprinkles and candy toppings. I have a really {really} small kitchen so all of those different sized, and shaped containers were taking up precious cabinet real estate. My solution  was to repackage them in these gorgeous glass shaker jars from World Market.

I don't have a pantry, but I added this tall slim cabinet in my kitchen a few years ago. This seemed a good location {the only available wall space} to add these shelves from Ikea. 

I had to trim the length a little since they were too wide for my cabinet, so if you use them the way that they are sold you can fit 3 or 4 more jars per shelf!  I love that I can readily see what I have on hand, and that they are easy to grab when I'm in the mood to make cookies or cupcakes! 

I know from experience that things when organized and easy to get to save me time and money. I unknowingly had 3 bottles of red sugar, {Yes people three} because they were hidden behind some other spices on the top shelf! sigh

I love my sprinkle shelves, and feel like I'm always ready for an  impromptu ice cream sundae party! 

Try this for your glitter, small office supplies, or cosmetics too!  Organization doesn't come easy to me by nature, but I really work hard at finding a good home for everything within my home, it makes my crazy life just a little more manageable. We are chaos incarnate so anything to make it, better, prettier, or simpler I am all over it! :)

Thanks for visiting my kitchen, let me know what you think! Shantaie

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