Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Tea Towel

Have you ever been out shopping and spotted something that sparked you to say "I bet I could make that"? {said with you most expertly crafty confidence} Only you never really do, or ..... if you do its 100% different from what inspired you in the first place?!! That is me. I'm most likely to forget about it as soon as I walk away or I dream up a totally revised version, or as in the case of this tea towel I "invent" something completely new. 

 It all started with a pillow that had printed tags each with a sentiment or famous quotes.. {trust me they were way more amazing than I make them sound} and somehow that turned into the idea to make tea towels! {shrugs shoulders} I jump from topic to topic when I'm in the midst of a great conversation, and it seems I jump from topic to topic mentally when I create too. 

I cut three little bunny shapes with my Cricut and ironed them into place. 
handy dandy tip#1. I always use heat and bond ultra when cutting fabric on the Cricut mat. 
handy dandy tip #2. I always stitch around the shapes if I intend to wash them. You do not have too, but I find they hold up much better if you do.
Next I stamped a piece of twill tape handy dandy tip #3.  use a waterproof ink like stazon. It's stitched in in the center and flanked it with pretty buttons, not super functional...cute but next time I would skip them I think! I made my towel from scratch, so adding a ruffle was next, a row of pom pom trim and a medium sized ric rac. The little fuzzy bun bun tails are fun, and lets be honest here *I just totally love them!*

There's no real need to make your towel from a-z. You can easily embellish flour sack towels or pretty cotton hand towels found at your favorite department store { I'm a Target or TJMaxx girl myself}  so go shopping, grab an ice coffee and cut out some cute shapes and make some of these for your homes spring wardrobe!

happy {bunny} trails~ Shantaie

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Carol said...

Blue and green are one of my favorite color combos...this is so adorable. Couldn't help but think how cute this design would be for an apron for a little one. Up to my eyeballs making 'Frozen' party favors and decorations...or, I'd shift gears! TFS!
XOXOX & Blessings,