Thursday, April 3, 2014

My New Smile

Hey there! So my 12x12 layout is all about me getting my braces off a couple of days ago. I had a lot of fun just playing around with different elements. Gelato, calligraphy inks, rub ons and die cut shapes made with the Silhouette.  I even made my first print and cut element, it was fun to add color and only cut the one line I wanted cut. 

I painted a small selection of these leaf embellishments with calligraphy ink. Stay tuned to see how I did that. I cut several in white and mixed them in with the painted ones. 

 I also dropped a few splotches of ink directly to the page, and hit it with the heat gun causing a small run. A light swipe of white paint on the edges of the printed element softens the red just a little. Chipboard stickers for the title, and SRM stickers for an added title enhancement.

 So the truth is.... that getting braces was a lifelong dream, one that I wasn't sure was ever going to happen.  My girls both had braces, it was important to me that they would have beautiful smiles. I waited until they were done, and my own journey began. I had to have wisdom teeth pulled, a surgery, two root canals, and several other drill and needle sessions before they could equip my mouth with all that metal! I ended up in braces a full 18months longer than the original plan and all that time I worked an extra job to pay for it. I would not change it, it was all worth it!

 Having a smile like this one means more to me than anyone can know. Growing up dentists visits were for emergencies only, and taking care of our teeth was not a top priority. I hated the large gap in my bottom teeth. I always felt embarrassed by my "crooked gap tooth smile." Braces did more than just give me straight teeth, they gave me an inner smile that has changed me forever! 

So now lets talk about those fun gold leaves! Calligraphy colors is a liquid that dries pretty quick, but goes a long way! The bottle has a dropper, and I just added a drop or two at a time directly to the leaf. With a damp - to wet paintbrush swipe the ink over the leaves.

Perfection is not the goal, just color. It will dry nice and even. If you add a lot of water allow your cut to dry before handling. {it will get on your fingers, and the paper will be too delicate to move} ask me how I know that???!!!  Yes I made that mistake!

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Lisarenae said...

Your smile was infectious before...
But I'm glad you love your smile! (It matches your smiling eyes!)
And I love the layout! How fun!!!