Monday, April 28, 2014

Beautiful Ingredients

Sometimes its all too easy to make a pretty card when the products you use on their own are individually superstars.  Each ingredient of this card is fab-tastic, drool worthy all.

I almost feel like it's cheating to design with such beauty already there just waiting to be assembled. 

 I have mentioned many maybe too many times my absolute love affair with paper. Printed, textured, smooth thick scrumptious sheets of endless possibilities. What's not to love!?
  I especially love double sided printed cardstock like these from Teresa Collins and Authinique   Total swoon!

I'm always at a loss for words, sentiments when it comes to sympathy cards. I appreciate stickers {like this one from SRM } and stamps with simple eloquent sentiments that make it easier for me.

 Do you not LOVE the Viva pearl pens? I used them here to create the flower centers, I love the way they are fluid yet thick and sooooo shimmery! Add a bit of crinkled seam binding ribbon, and a bold doily, and a confection of distressed rolled flowers to finish the card.

Thanks for stopping by, make something pretty~ Shantaie

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Sherly said...

just lovely !

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