Monday, April 21, 2014

Bahama Breezes

 It's such a beautiful word, encompassing so many wishes, dreams and frolics across vast lands and ever mysterious waters. The purpose of vacation {I'm told} is to rest, relax, and recharge. I'm more of an explore, wander, and immerse in the histories, flavors, and cultures type of vacationer myself. So our recent voyage left me tired, swaying on land as if I were still aboard ship, and smiling a smile that only a truly joyous experience can etch on ones face! Well that and rum. Too much rum    

  The view from my hammock on the Bahamian Island Cocoa cay. I swayed, read, drank, and slept here for a few hours. listening to the waves crest, birds squawk and chickens running away from rambunctious children.

The water is so blue you can hardly believe its real, and look at that sky!

Exploring Nassau was an adventure, we walked for miles, ate at the most amazing Greek restaurant, drank Bahama mamas {what else} at this colorful albeit run down bar with a live two man band {that was mysteriously more enjoyable by the sip} and the conch fritters?!!! So amazingly scrumptious!  I was so enamored with this post box!! I wish I could findone for my front porch! Isn't it charming???


Cheryl W said...

Your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Pat Gasko said...

LOL I so enjoyed your pictures and your commentary of such a wonderful vacation.