Monday, March 17, 2014

Stenciled pegboard craft room wall

I consider myself lucky to have a studio where I can scrap, stamp, paint, glue, punch and draw. It does however have its spatial and visual challenges as it spent its previous life as 1/2 of a 2 car garage. I have no windows and inherited the pegboard wall that originally functioned to hold tools, hardware, and spools of wire. Pegboard is super utilitarian and as versatile as any wall could ever be...but it's kind of ...well ugly! There I said it! It is ugly!  So decided to stencil it....

 This is what I had to start with { that is after I removed half a hundred hooks, and tons of crafty and crappy supplies} I vacuumed away the dust, and cobwebs and cut myself a pretty stencil on my Silhouette, I wanted an open design to allow a lot of paint coverage.
   I discovered that my wall was not perfectly straight, this did cause me a few issues and an unavoidable boo boo, but I knew it would be okay since I had so much going back on the wall. No. I will not zoom in on the boo boo.Please do not make me, please don't try so hard to find it, because my ego can't take it! *giggle* 

 I used a foam roller like this tutorial said to do!  The color is cathedral stone from valspar paints and I love it!  It took a really long time, you have to line up the stencil with your previously painted section, and it was slow going to get it right...and I had to stand on my desk, and I was watching Netflix....sooooo maybe if I had made the environment more work friendly, perhaps I may have finished well before 2am! I do have a few helpful hints: keep a pack of grime boss wipes and paper towels nearby, a roll of painters tape too. Foam plates work way better than paper plates for pouring your paint in, { found out the hard way} and it is relatively easy just a little time consuming! {but so worth it}

I spent the entire next day going through my art supplies and crafty gadgets and made a hefty donation bag to take to a local charity, that was hard work folks but It was way overdue!

I love these wire pantry racks for ribbon, glitter and spray mist, they are around 20.00 each and I just hang them up with hooks. My new wall is bustling with pattern and color,  its a beautiful and vibrant focal point in the room. It looks SO MUCH nicer that the white generic "oh hi I was a garage wall" pegboard did! 

On another note, I picked up about 20 of these vintage wooded spools used for wire at an industrial supply store, I would some of my ribbons on them aren't they beautiful?! I wish I could trade all of my cardboard and plastic spools for these! I love treasure hunting, so just another reason the scout around the antique markets and thrift shops!  :)

I love walking into my craft room and looking at my newly stenciled wall, and all of my supplies in new places. My room is always adapting to meet my needs, interests and, materials. It helps me to keep my studio fresh, and organized that way I can do what I come in here to do....create!


Lisarenae said...

It's so pretty!!!! I'm thinking of what & where I can stencil next! (Can you make me a stencil?)

Shantaie said...

Of course I will!

Mercedes said...

Love this! Where did you get your baskets that you have the ribbon and paint in? :)

Shantaie said...

I picked them up at Home depot in the closet and shelf organizing section. They are not designed for pegboard, but I hold them with long pegboard hooks. Of all the things I have used, these so far are my favorite.