Thursday, March 6, 2014

Road trip- Daphne Alabama

Grab a cup o' coffee and settle in for a "small" selection of pictures I took during my recent visit to Daphne and Fairhope Alabama. I had an interesting visit that involved moving furniture, being very very late for a family dinner, and some serious window shopping! I know how much I love looking at yummy photos from road trips, so of course I like to share mine with you! All of the following photos were taken at a gorgeous shop in Fairhope called Green Gates, its as perfect a shop that ever existed! If you ever make it that way, stop in for a delight!

These metal sculptures greet you on the shops massive front porch, they are vibrant, fun and charming!

I could not leave the shop without one of these gorgeous sparkly birds of my very own, I had just the home for it in  a vintage inspired bird cage that sits on my dining room table as we "speak"

I'm so in love with these rustic metal eggs! aren't they beautiful?!!!

At the end of a long day of shopping, we stopped at the pier for a drink {alas the restaurant was not open yet} however the sky was stunning, and my cousin and dearest friend were still full of silliness....who am I kidding? I always have a ton of silly to spare!

Will you look at that hair? whew I thought Florida harbored all the worlds humidity, nope it seems that Alabama is just as intent on the wreckage of self esteem and good hair days as any other good southern state! Happy times my friends, happy times! XOXO 


Lisarenae said...

There's more shopping to be done here, and furniture to be moved!!!
Hurry back!

Cheryl W said...

My BIL lives in Daphne, so I've been there and to Fairhope a few times. I think I've even been to the shop where you took your photos. Fairhope is such a fun place to shop!