Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Box or Bunny?

One of my favorite things about creating, is making new things that pop into my head. The beauty of paper is that most of the time ideas can come to life with a little creative {shall we say} "rearranging"! As in the case of this box that was published in Cricut magazine last spring. It was originally a Matryoshka doll cut from the paper play Cricut cartridge.  With a few alterations and addition of some adorable bunny features it is now a bunny or a box..or a doll.? yes. to all of those!

Sometimes the machine cuts allow us to recreate the design and put our own mark on them , and other times we can float out on our imaginative clouds and create something totally new!  An adorable party favor, gift box or Easter basket goody container, this Easter "bunnyboxdoll" is fun! I hope you will make one, and if you do share it with me I would love to see what you imagine up!!!

make something creative today!! 

1 comment:

Lisarenae said...

That's the cutest bunnyboxdoll I've ever seen! What kid, or bestie, wouldn't want to receive it filled with jellybeans?! (No black jellybeans please!)