Friday, March 28, 2014

Blueberry Pancake bliss

Since its the weekend why not make a warm stack of pancakes and have them out on the deck, patio or porch? A platter of blueberry pancakes complete with warm maple syrup and a pretty dish of butter. I work weekends, its a rare treat for us to have a leisurely relaxing Sunday breakfast.  I like to {once in a blue moon anyways} celebrate by making the familya little homemade deliciousness! 

There are lots of fabulous recipes for pancakes, even instant mixes are fine with a little love added to them, here is a good blueberry hotcake recipe if you want to make them yourself. If you are pressed for time,don't let that stop you just get some berries and add them to a mix!

Fill a vintage pitcher with milk or orange juice, grab a few mason jars and stacks of pancakes and head outside and enjoy a sunshine morning-full of conversation, dripping syrup, and bite after bite of sweet buttery happy!

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