Sunday, March 30, 2014

hi. Why to emboss a background

   hi. sorry  I couldn't resist! :) I tried. Do you love the clean bright look of white space on your projects but you don't really want the clean and simple otherwise known as "CAS" look?  An embossed background layer can totally transform a project. Think of how differently a quilt would look without the stitching. Those threads create an embossed effect in the fabric but don't upstage the design. 

Use embossing to add texture, depth, and beautiful white space simultaneously. 

Note the dots are embossed in two sizes for additional texture.  I used this technique with these doilys , this birthday card  and this graduation card. White space can really be calming to the eye, and make the rest of your project pop!

This card was published in the Cricut circle magazine and is one of my all time favorites, I love the red and turquoise mix, its a cheerful color combo and I don't think I will ever get tired of it! 

 Do you like to make monochromatic or white layers stand out with embossing? What is your favorite folder to use? I obviously love dots. I also tend to grab the diamond plate or Moroccan  screen folders to add texture, but I have dozens and dozens of folders, because I value them as an irreplaceable design tool  because I love folders, and I'm on a secret universal mission to collect every embossing folder ever made! shhhhhhh........... 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Blueberry Pancake bliss

Since its the weekend why not make a warm stack of pancakes and have them out on the deck, patio or porch? A platter of blueberry pancakes complete with warm maple syrup and a pretty dish of butter. I work weekends, its a rare treat for us to have a leisurely relaxing Sunday breakfast.  I like to {once in a blue moon anyways} celebrate by making the familya little homemade deliciousness! 

There are lots of fabulous recipes for pancakes, even instant mixes are fine with a little love added to them, here is a good blueberry hotcake recipe if you want to make them yourself. If you are pressed for time,don't let that stop you just get some berries and add them to a mix!

Fill a vintage pitcher with milk or orange juice, grab a few mason jars and stacks of pancakes and head outside and enjoy a sunshine morning-full of conversation, dripping syrup, and bite after bite of sweet buttery happy!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Die Cut Diamond Patterned Egg

 There is no such thing as too much Easter,{ unless we are talking about that static cling basket filler stuff...its pretty but, no!}  So I'm sharing another Easter card I made for last springs issue of Cricut magazine  As you can see I cut egg shaped layers for the card front and added an intricate diamond pattern. Each diamond intersection is embellished with pearls. lots and lots of pearls! The overlapping sections of the diamonds are trimmed away from the egg and now your'e ready to decorate!

Use any shape that has a repeating pattern, I chose to use two patterned papers in similar colors, but one or three would be gorgeous too! In my typical more is more style, I tied a double bow of crocheted lace and seam binding, and attached a big cream crocheted flower topped with a fabric button also adorned with a delicate crocheted flower. This card looks really time consuming, but its relatively simple to recreate. The concept will work on most solid shapes, so if Easter eggs are not your "thing" why not try it on a circle or a rectangle? 

I am in countdown mode, in 5 days my braces finally come off!!!!  I can't wait to see if I can still whistle, the dry "mouthful of crackers" sound I make when I try now is just pitiful!  

Get busy, and use up your pearl stash!!! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Box or Bunny?

One of my favorite things about creating, is making new things that pop into my head. The beauty of paper is that most of the time ideas can come to life with a little creative {shall we say} "rearranging"! As in the case of this box that was published in Cricut magazine last spring. It was originally a Matryoshka doll cut from the paper play Cricut cartridge.  With a few alterations and addition of some adorable bunny features it is now a bunny or a box..or a doll.? yes. to all of those!

Sometimes the machine cuts allow us to recreate the design and put our own mark on them , and other times we can float out on our imaginative clouds and create something totally new!  An adorable party favor, gift box or Easter basket goody container, this Easter "bunnyboxdoll" is fun! I hope you will make one, and if you do share it with me I would love to see what you imagine up!!!

make something creative today!! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bun Buns

I had the best time making this fuzzy bunny stand up card designed by Lori Whitlock I saw this and quickly knew I had to make one! I downloaded it from the Silhouette store this morning and started cutting it out right away! {it was just too cute to wait} 

I used the printed acetate journaling tag as a window,and all the papers are from  My Minds Eye Lime Twist collection. To make a fuzzy bunny, I grabbed a container of heat and stick and soaked Mr. bun buns here in embossing ink. Sprinkled him with heat and stick, hit it with a little blast from the heat gun then a sprinkle of brown flocking. I love how flocking looks a little mottled when you do a tone on tone. The dimension is realistic....until you add a sparkly pom pom tail that is   *tee hee 

I was so excited when I realized that one of the tags in the Lime Twist collection had the same shape as the card opening and fit perfectly inside. The sentiment says " color me happy" now I ask you could there be any cuter coincidence?  No, I didn't think so either!!! I'm really enjoying have a little extra time to share projects more often, its one of my favorite things to do! 

Make something amazing! XOXO 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Marshmallow Chick

I have an uncontrollable weakness for Easter candy, its the hardest time of the year for me to eat real food and not like a sugar starved 9 year old!  This completely glitter coated chick reminds me of so many childhood Easter baskets filled with sugar crusted yellow marshmallow goodies! I loved opening the package and letting them get just a little "stale" yum!  :)

By far Easter is my favorite holiday, the soft colors and sweet baby animals associated with spring. The promise of warm afternoons and fresh green grass, crisp cool mornings and flowers all abloom! Easter eggs and baskets of sparkly grass { and yes candy} Ahhh I just love it all! I made this adorable chick and egg with my Silhouette Cameo using this weeks Mojo Monday sketch  { you know I love sketches! } 
 I'm in love with pastels and a pop of gold right now! Its such a pretty and unexpected hint of glimmer!  Especially fun and easy with sequins because they are tiny and and adorrrrrrable!

To the inside of the card, I added layers of patterned paper scraps and another ticket cut on the Silhouette. The Sticker sentiment from SRM can be worked in a few different directions, like.... I love you more than, Marshmallow chicks, or wishing you an Easter filled with  Marshmallow chicks and Chocolate! 

...well you get the idea {I may need to work on those greetings a little more} any help will be greatly appreciated and gladly accepted!  *wink*

Be sweetXoxo

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easter Elegance

Just a quick "hello" to share this egg shaped card I created for the Cricut Circle magazine a while ago. I have a real affection for shaped cards, I think they convey so much of a message even bore they are opened and are often pretty enough to be displayed throughout the Holiday. 

The intricate overlay has a generous glittery edge and is raised with foam tape, the metal frame is recessed over a pale gray stamped greeting. The egg card and layers were cut using the Cricut and the Teresa Collins Easter basket cartridge. I hope you try one for yourself it's a fun card to make! 
I hope you make something wonderful today! XOXO

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A little bit glamour, a little bit grunge

Hi! I thought I would share this decidedly feminine and monochromatic card I made for last Junes issue of Cricut magazine  I love distressed flowers paired with lace and sparkles. I had held onto this beautiful Stampin'Up! tag from the Beau Chateau collection for the longest time! Its just so pretty! Almost too pretty to use...

Of course I made the flowers on my Cricut, and added color with ink, and markers, I also placed a metal brad in the centers and a few floral stamen that I buy in the Wilton cake decorating section of the craft store.

  This week is a busy one, I get the final "all clear" from my dentist tomorrow {fingers crossed} that my braces can come off in 2 weeks! Its been 2.5 years since they went on, in some ways it seems short but forever in other ways! I can't wait to see what it will feel like to have just teeth with out all that metal in there! Wish me luck! 

Any advice for someone getting their braces off? 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stenciled pegboard craft room wall

I consider myself lucky to have a studio where I can scrap, stamp, paint, glue, punch and draw. It does however have its spatial and visual challenges as it spent its previous life as 1/2 of a 2 car garage. I have no windows and inherited the pegboard wall that originally functioned to hold tools, hardware, and spools of wire. Pegboard is super utilitarian and as versatile as any wall could ever be...but it's kind of ...well ugly! There I said it! It is ugly!  So decided to stencil it....

 This is what I had to start with { that is after I removed half a hundred hooks, and tons of crafty and crappy supplies} I vacuumed away the dust, and cobwebs and cut myself a pretty stencil on my Silhouette, I wanted an open design to allow a lot of paint coverage.
   I discovered that my wall was not perfectly straight, this did cause me a few issues and an unavoidable boo boo, but I knew it would be okay since I had so much going back on the wall. No. I will not zoom in on the boo boo.Please do not make me, please don't try so hard to find it, because my ego can't take it! *giggle* 

 I used a foam roller like this tutorial said to do!  The color is cathedral stone from valspar paints and I love it!  It took a really long time, you have to line up the stencil with your previously painted section, and it was slow going to get it right...and I had to stand on my desk, and I was watching Netflix....sooooo maybe if I had made the environment more work friendly, perhaps I may have finished well before 2am! I do have a few helpful hints: keep a pack of grime boss wipes and paper towels nearby, a roll of painters tape too. Foam plates work way better than paper plates for pouring your paint in, { found out the hard way} and it is relatively easy just a little time consuming! {but so worth it}

I spent the entire next day going through my art supplies and crafty gadgets and made a hefty donation bag to take to a local charity, that was hard work folks but It was way overdue!

I love these wire pantry racks for ribbon, glitter and spray mist, they are around 20.00 each and I just hang them up with hooks. My new wall is bustling with pattern and color,  its a beautiful and vibrant focal point in the room. It looks SO MUCH nicer that the white generic "oh hi I was a garage wall" pegboard did! 

On another note, I picked up about 20 of these vintage wooded spools used for wire at an industrial supply store, I would some of my ribbons on them aren't they beautiful?! I wish I could trade all of my cardboard and plastic spools for these! I love treasure hunting, so just another reason the scout around the antique markets and thrift shops!  :)

I love walking into my craft room and looking at my newly stenciled wall, and all of my supplies in new places. My room is always adapting to meet my needs, interests and, materials. It helps me to keep my studio fresh, and organized that way I can do what I come in here to do....create!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Happy St.Patrick's Day to ya'! I have been busy making a few things to create a festive mood in our wee family home. You know what? I craft all the time, but it occurred to me that I rarely share the little Holiday projects that I make just for me.  Which is {kind of} crazy since I always try to make an effort to decorate {even if its just a little}  I think I have been working for the Magazines so long that I forget to also show you the everyday projects and pretties. Like this cute paper garland that I draped along a hallway mirror.

  I stitched up this fast shamrock and "gold coin" garland by cutting the shapes with my Silhouette and running a straight stitch along the center of each shape. I must repeat this is a super quick and easy project. If you NEED to make one you totally still have time to whip one up! Use your die cut machine, punches, or hand cut them and your'e half the way there! I liked this shamrock, but there are lots of others too!

 I love modest door decor, and I fell in love with this wreath  I wanted to make my own version with paper flowers and a bigger banner.  I picked up the burlap pennants at Hobby Lobby and cut the letters on the Silhouette. I added a "shadow" effect by cutting a set of letters at 1.5" and another set at 1.75" and placed the green letters to the right and slightly higher. I love using this trick for an alternative to actual shadow layered cuts.

Paper flowers make my heart swoon, I admit it! I love those sweet velvety petals, and curled leaves...ahhhh so gorgeous. Paper is one of the things that I adore the most , we are so lucky to have access to paper in seemingly limitless abundance, and I cherish all we can do with it. I love taking flat pieces of yummy paper and sculpting it into something new and dimensional.

 For a crumpled effect I spritzed all the flower layers with rubbing alcohol infused with a tiny bit of gold all purpose ink. That adds shimmer as well as breaks down the paper fibers a little. They were scrunched  up and left to dry. I then stacked them , and inserted a brad through the centers and used hot glue to adhere them to the wreath. The pennant banner was added with floral pins, and is ready to hang.

I hope all who open this door feel lucky, I love them all more than a pot of gold! Even more than dessert! {that's a lot of love people}

My daughter Chelsea baked layers and layers of green cake each layer darker than the previous, we chose to make the pale layers vanilla, and the darker layers from a carrot cake mix. Oh man is it good! I made a batch of Irish cream butter frosting, and rocked out to some Scottish tunes {bagpipes and drums! oh yeah} while eating a slice O' green ombre perfection!

Frosting Ingredients:  
2 sticks of butter softened
1 8 oz package of cream cheese
3 cups confectioners sugar
4 tbs of Irish cream liqueur {I used Baileys}  

Mix butter and cream cheese with a paddle {stand mixer} or beaters of a hand mixer.
add 1 cup of powdered sugar at a time, mix on med speed.
Switch to balloon whisk and add the Irish cream one Tbs at at time, {scrape sides of bowl between each addition} Mix on med high speed.
*modified from this recipe 

I hope ya' all will be havin' a lovely day I do! {said with my best leprechaun accent!} 
now go make something pretty! XOXO

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happiness is the truth

It seems these days I can't say or think the word "happy" without instantly starting to sing the wildly successful song Happy by Pharrell . I have loved it from the first moment I heard it, especially since it sends such a positive that plays on repeat in my head! 

 You know how good it feels to be happy, and how good it feels to be happy when someone you care about gets good news ? I'm in that happy place right now! I'm always in the mood to make a card, and a congratulations card is a fun one to send. I made this unique shaped card with the Silhouette Cameo,tiny banners and all.  

The papers are from good day sunshine from My minds eye. I loved this paper line, I have just a few bitty snips of it left.
I stamped the inside of the card where the name or greeting would usually go, because I love the idea of a bold sentiment taking  place of the traditional " dear Jane" etc. Some washi tape, and a tiny journaling oval tag fitted with a clear SRM sticker finish it up

I'm still discovering all the magical properties of the Silhouette Cameo, and have much more territory to cover before I can claim to know all there is to know,  one thing I can tell you is that this machine is amazing at intricate cuts! 

Make something pretty today!