Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Toblerone Targets

 With Valentines Day swiftly approaching like an arrow loosed from an archers bow,I wanted to hurry and share these mini Toblerone chocolates! The triangular shaped box {and scrum-delicious chocolates} make the perfect backdrop for these darling arrow shaped Silhouette cuts. Once again I have punched out the target from the patterned papers I used on my treat box  

 Lets go over the construction so you can make some for yourself...{well I mean to give as a gift not to keep yourself} you would never ever do that! no. Me either *wink* Once Chocolate enters my realm it takes dark and powerful magic for me to release it ,or as in this case the power of Love! So I will share. This one time. 

  1.  Cut 3 strips of card stock or patterned papers to fit your  Toblerone package,  adhere leaving the ends open.
  2.  Cut a length of ribbon to cover approx. 1/2 of the box and attach. Snip the ribbon ends into a V shape. 
  3. Adhere a strip of lace,or a scalloped border overlapping the ribbon. 
  4. Add your target  *a stamped or layered stack of circles punched out will work too! Stampin'Up! punches are my personal favorite! 
  5. Now attach your assembled arrow cut from the Silhouette or Cricut with a little foam tape. If you don't have a die cut machine, no problem! you can build an arrow using paper strips and a heart punch! 

 I made these for Valentines day, but modified these could be super cute favors for an archery party, or a sports themed or Disney Brave, Robin Hood, or a Hunger games Capitol City bash! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! { have a little chocolate that'll help!} 
XOXO -Shantaie

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Lisarenae said...

Once again, you've hit the bullseye!
It's not fair how creative you are!!!