Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cupids Arrow

I love holidays, they give me the perfect excuse to make pretty things and equally as important an extra reason to give treats and trinkets to my loves. I have over time become more and more drawn to the idea of having a centralized theme to branch off from. This can be an impressive exhibit of creativity ....or an exorcise of extreme craziness depending on the limitations the theme presents! I have a natural, lets say .... "gift" for coming up with ideas that I think will be fun and easy, only to find nothing in shops, stops or stores to flesh out the concept. 
 I get bored, think I can reinvent the wheel, or I just like to be a little different..Whatever madness it is that fuels me is not likely to fade, but I did happen choose a Valentine icon that is easy to work with! Archery!  arrows, targets, cupid, what could be more fun? Check out my pinterest board of ideas

I cut the treat boxes  by Jamie Lane with my Silhouette and used a fun paper collection from American crafts that I have had for a long time, I used a circle punch to cut out the "targets" that  were part of the pattern on one of the papers. A popped up heart in the center transformed them into a sweet Valentine embellishment.

I cut strips of paper 12"X 1/4" added adhesive and sandwiched a wire between them, cut them at 4" to create coordinating twist ties! What a fun way to literally tie your colors together! I'm love struck by the notion of custom twist ties for every occasion! 

I do have lots of other projects to create for my Valentines day "Quiver of treats" so stop by again soon. In the meantime.....
   I have been searching for a stamp that says "love-struck" if you know where I can find one please let me know! Help!!!
make some pretties today! XOXO

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Lisarenae said...

I'm "quiver-ing" with love over these! Who wouldn't want a loved one to give them this cute gift, filled with goodies or not!