Sunday, June 9, 2013

That's Where Dreams Live

For most of us its the tail end of the school year, graduation parties are being planned, and the sweet dreams of summertime are being spun in our hearts like cotton candy! I am enjoying some rare and luxurious free time, and feeling a bit intoxicated by the idea that I don't have to wake up at 5:30 AM for a while! {inwardly doing a happy dance} 
 Like most end of the school year celebrations, pre-K or Kindergarten graduation is a really big deal for both the newly promoted child and their proud parents, so of course documenting those memories will be in order! I loved the chance to make a layout with nontraditional graduation colors and instead focus on Brooke's personality. Letting her sassy sunny disposition lead me to my paper choices and colors, I used the playtime collection from my little shoebox. And fun fonts from the Type candy Cricut cartridge.

Lots of stitching, and small sticker alphabets add to the dimension and interest of the page. You guys know I like a lot to be going on when I create a project and even though it is sometimes an accident....... usually I do plan where I want all the jazz to be happening! Placement of embellishments is important, it helps tell the story, or enhances the photo...but please please don't get too hung up on technical scrapbooking!! chant to yourself "this is supposed to be fun" "this is supposed to be fun"  *grin*

I have a hard time with page titles, and find myself wanting to add a boring or cliche' title such as " Pre-K graduation" and although that tells the story it lacks emotion, or the ole razzle dazzle as my grandfather loved to say! Titles can be generic and that's fine, or they can beckon you look further, stop you in your tracks and tell a more meaningful story.  Make them funny, or romantic, or even half written so the journaling or subtitle finishes the sentiment, in short make sure your layout gets really looked at! After all, as a documentor of life events that's what you are working towards!


Anonymous said...
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C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

I love the layout and your tip about titles. TFS. She's a cutie!

La-Vie B.
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