Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunshine Makes Everything Better!

This fun little shadowbox was a wallet gift box in its previous life, I saved it for quite some time before I found the perfect new use for it. I sent this to a special teen in my life that was going through a particularly hard time and had attempted to take his life..... words can do no justice to explain how thankful I am that he has another chance to live the life he was meant to. I wanted him to know that he is a ray of sunshine, bright and warm, and needed. Most of all that he is loved!

The sun and clouds have layers and layers of yummy dimension, the sun was cut using the Cricut Pack your bags cartridge, and the clouds were cut from an American crafts patterned paper. It really was fun to put together, and not overly complicated...just happy!

I love to craft, to cut and glue, and glitter, and stitch, but I especially love it when I am making something for a specific person, I feel like a little bit of my heart gets glued right into the project....and I suppose it actually does in a manner of speaking. I bet yours does too! :)

Happy creating~


Nadia ( said...

Sweet, sunny project! I love it and that you are reminding someone that he is loved.

Beautiful. I see the love you glued in there with it.

Sis Patterson said...

I adore this project. It is so exceptional in terms of design, color, and inspiration! I can't say enough about the colors and all of the details!

So smart to use a wallet box. You are my re-use hero.

It's such a wonderful and caring gift. I hope your young man finds his way forward. You are a wonderful ray of sunshine. said...

Your work is wonderful and I have been one of your followers, so know your amazing talent! This project is way cool and fun, with its bright sunny feel, and colors, but the "why" you made it really shows the terrific person you really are! Way to go, Shantaie! God bless all the people in our lives that are going thru their own personal battles. May they find Him!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

This project put a smile on my face! It is adorable and I love re-purposing things like this!!! Your friend is sure to feel all the love your put into this!!!