Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday Balancing Act!

As I promised, I have more Birthday boy fun to share with you! You see I have two nephews with birthdays just a couple of days apart, so its double the fun..and that means double the cards!! This is for an adorable 2 year old who is a ball of seemingly never-ending energy! The original cut has the elephant balancing on one ball, but I added the second as a nod to his age...however it did make the cut quite tall! So making it fit and all work was a bit of a balancing act...I {heart} a challenge!!  :)

If you are paying close attention you can see that I had to fill the top of the ball in with the negative part of the cut, I think it may have looked better to hide that contour, a lesson learned...I'm still learning all of the time and that's why I pointed it out to you, so you can be gentle on yourself when you mess up, and just roll with it and put that knowledge to good use for next time!!!  :) 
 On the right side of the card I added two blank tickets, I layered sentiments with SRM stickers, and the banners are one of the border stickers backed onto white cardstock and hand trimmed.  Mr. elephant was solid blue, but felt a bit "blah" so I embellished him with a white gel pen! 

The star stickpins were made from leftover cuts, and the coin was found in one of my jars of vintage buttons. Its so cute, I wish I had more of them!!! Ooooh maybe I can add them to my list of treasures to hunt for! :)


Sis Patterson said...

Darling - I love the extended balancing act and the wonderful colors. Your paper choices and embellishments are perfect!

snappy scrappy said...

This is so super cute!! Lee-Ann :)

Freda said...

Makes me wish for a little one to make this This is way beyond cute, this one is getting pinned for future reference.


Sara Andrews said...

I love, love this Shantaie! Notice the double love?

Great layering and embellishments.

June Houck said...

Super adorable, Shantaie!

Nadia ( said...

The ear!!! The ear just 'makes' this elephant!

Love all the colors and embellies. The stick pins and fun prints make it so whimsical. Love the way the colors 'pop' and give it such a perfect and festive feel.

And I love those dimensional layered ears (just thought that was worth repeating :) ).

Plastic card printing said...

Amazingly beautiful! I really like colorful cards like these keep sharing.