Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot Dog and paper french fries!

Hey all, are you ready for a dose of silly real life fun? OK lets start with the story! Meagan found this shirt and HAD to get it for her dad {AKA Mr. Wonderful} as the owner of a catering and concession company he has sold a hot dog or two in his life and he receives hot dog related gift often...and he LOVES them!
 She was just going to hand it to him, but then asked if I would help her "with a fun presentation" oh did I mention he was due home in 10 minutes!!! So we rolled up the shirt and wrapped it in foil, placed a red and yellow squeeze bottle in a container and whipped up some paper french fries as filler!

We employed a scoring tool and the cuttlebug to give our fries texture! The distress stripes and herringbone folder are tops for this!!! LOL We cut them at 3.25" and scored at .75", 1.5". 2.25" and 3" then embossed and folded them. A thin line of adhesive to assemble them and a squiggle of a red marker to complete them! we were laughing the whole time and managed to get 4 made and the basket assembled in less than 10 minutes!
 I wanted to share this because is cute, and to share just how silly we really are, and just how awesome being a paper crafter is, Mr. Wonderful loved his shirt, but the fact that we made it extra fun was what made it special for him..and for Meagan and I too! It was the best 10 minutes of my day! :)


Karons Krafty Korner said...

What a fabulous idea on presenting the gift. Awesome. TFS

Sis Patterson said...

Super! Can't believe you and Meagan came up with something so clever and wonderful in 10 minutes! Mr. Wonderful continues to live up to his name - not only for loving the shirt but the added fries and wrapping! Wonderful.