Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Lisa!

I would like to wish My best friend {who also happens to be my cousin} a very happy birthday! She is just like icing on a cake, sweet, pretty, full of surprises, and all in all makes the world a better place! She supports my every crazy idea, and usually adds a little fuel to the fire! She believes in dreams coming true, and so I only have one wish to wish for her today...and that is for all of her crazy dreams to come true and while I'm at it.......to be coated in a fine layer of silver glitter too! ;)

This card was made with the Cricut Imagine using the Hey Diddle Diddle Imagine art cartridge. I love the paper patterns on this cartridge almost as much as the images! If you own an Imagine, there are some super duper deals on Imagine cartridges right now! I love a good bargain! :) 

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summertime Refreshment

Happy Summer Saturday! I hope you are enjoying each moment as the days of summer seem to be quickly zooming by. I know all too soon I will be heading back to Florida and my days here in our country cottage will be at an end! I plan to grasp each day and make the most them. I made this card last summer for Cricut, and its still one of my favorites...it reminds me to slow down and sip in some sunshine!

This summer will be particularly memorable, so far it has been filled with many visits with friends and family, lots and lots of work, a slow and agonizing restructure process to our family business, and saying goodbye to my Cricut Circle team mates. Change is always a bit hard, but a few icy drinks with sugar rims and paper umbrellas, while sitting on the deck .....well that makes all the difference in the world! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Life Canvas

Sometimes its fun to make something a little unexpected, like these burlap mini canvases embellished with SRM stickers and paper flowers. Perfect for a simple little gift, or to keep for yourself! I hang this one on the cork board above Chelseas desk. 

I know I have said this before, but I love using the clear SRM stickers to add a sentiment or a sweet little image to my projects because they are super fast and I don't have to line up a stamp or clean up any ink! Its the ultimate in crafters "instant satisfaction" *wink*

I used up some scraps of paper, and bits of lace and twine for the bottom canvas, I was of course inspired by Meagans wedding palette of creams Tiffany blue and burlap! Oh so pretty together! 
 I am actually going to craft today... shocking I know! :) its been such a busy summer, and I bet you have all been busy too! What have you been up to? Me??
 I have been working crazy hours here in New York and Pennsylvania, I have also been working on tons of future assignments, I have had several visits with my bestest friend who also happens to be my cousin, and we just returned from a day trip to Cedar Point riding coasters!!! so much fun! 
Today I am taking Chelsea to get a little bit of school shopping done, and a rare luxury around these parts....a Starbucks frozen "something"! * excited *

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hospital Bed Clipboards

 I'm sure you read the title of the post and had to double check to make sure you saw what you thought you saw! Yes indeed-y-do! So lets start at the beginning, several years ago Fredonia college here in Fredonia NY held a tag sale to raise money for the school. Among the vintage books, old office chairs, and metal cabinets were two vintage hospital beds. One was a pale robins egg blue and the other a soft green, both from the early sixties. They were purchased for the schools clinic but had never been used in fact they had never been assembled, brand spanking new! I could not resist the gorgeous metal beds with their crank handles and vintage charm. I bought them for our cottage as we always have a full house!

I had been thinking of adding a clipboard with a notepad to the foot board of each bed for a while , but when the Cricut DR. checkup cartridge was released I knew I just had to make them!!! I didn't want them to seem creepy, just a bit fun and totally functional. The beds are in the "masculine" room decorated with old sports items, piles of vintage books, and old frames.

I have a real fondness for older sports items, I have a small collection of old bowling pins, pool balls, croquet mallets,and balls. I love them when they are a little battered from years of play. Here Two vintage mallets hang above each bed serving as art for the rooms eclectic messiness!

Chelsea begged me to buy this typewriter at a yard sale when she was just 5 years old, at the time I huffed and puffed about picking up another dust collector for her, she loved so many objects that were no longer useful and just plain in the way...fast forward to the present and I'm so glad I spent the whopping 5.00 to get it, case and all! Its displayed in the room with a jar of gumballs for the guys and some of Davids old books.

The walls in this room are scattered with old frames, most of them are empty and were found in my father in laws' vast collection of framed art. He was a true collector of...well everything actually. He had the true junkers spirit, leaving us with treasures to discover and fall in love with too. My family still isn't so sure why i love all the empty frames so much, but to me they are beautiful. I love the idea of the mystery of what they once held, and the promise of the fact that they could still be filled with anything.

I enjoy sharing little peeks into my summer home with you, and especially when it involves a quick project too! I will be back with more projects soon, but for now I have go back to work! Until next time, Happy creating!  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More SRM Summer release!

I know how much we love seeing what new and fabulous products are headed our way, and the SRM stickers by the dozen need to be on your list of  "gotta have it" !! Designed with multiples in mind these stickers are the perfect for making a stack of cards or tons of treats! I honestly think its one of those brilliant ideas that you are so happy someone came up with!!!
 I made these fun Halloween projects using the Halloween borders, and one sheet can make sooooo many projects!!!

I used my Cricut to create this box to house 3 TUBES filled with yummy or creepy treats! 

I know many of you {like me} really love the unexpected pop of a non-traditional Halloween color paired with our holiday favorites. This clean and simple card can be made by the stacks in no time at all! I used three of the borders on this card, and love that they all come together for a new look!

An embossed pillow box fitted with a framed center just right for a greeting or a splash of Halloween charm, here I mixed it up with stickers by the dozen and the Halloween borders. The embossing folder is a newer set called midnight hauntings and it is sooooooo fun!
I know its a bit early for Halloween, but you can always tuck away the inspiration for later!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot Dog and paper french fries!

Hey all, are you ready for a dose of silly real life fun? OK lets start with the story! Meagan found this shirt and HAD to get it for her dad {AKA Mr. Wonderful} as the owner of a catering and concession company he has sold a hot dog or two in his life and he receives hot dog related gift often...and he LOVES them!
 She was just going to hand it to him, but then asked if I would help her "with a fun presentation" oh did I mention he was due home in 10 minutes!!! So we rolled up the shirt and wrapped it in foil, placed a red and yellow squeeze bottle in a container and whipped up some paper french fries as filler!

We employed a scoring tool and the cuttlebug to give our fries texture! The distress stripes and herringbone folder are tops for this!!! LOL We cut them at 3.25" and scored at .75", 1.5". 2.25" and 3" then embossed and folded them. A thin line of adhesive to assemble them and a squiggle of a red marker to complete them! we were laughing the whole time and managed to get 4 made and the basket assembled in less than 10 minutes!
 I wanted to share this because ...it is cute, and to share just how silly we really are, and just how awesome being a paper crafter is, Mr. Wonderful loved his shirt, but the fact that we made it extra fun was what made it special for him..and for Meagan and I too! It was the best 10 minutes of my day! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Take Two And Call Me In The Morning

Whew it feels like its been such a long time! You all know how much I love sharing fun projects and ideas with you, so I bet you can imagine the silly grin on my face right now! The team at SRM Stickers was challenged to use our TUBES for a gift but NOT using candy.....to show how many ways the TUBES can be used. What a fun challenge! I love the idea of making someone smile when they are a little under the weather, so this is what I came up with.

A TUBE filled with aspirin, and a big happy tag. I cut the Dr.s' bag, tag, and bandage with the Cricut Expression 2, and used a get well sticker from SRM  on the lid of the TUBE as well as the tag...{I forgot to get a photo of the lid} oops! I added a cluster of white buttons to tie in with the aspirin, and a silver brad as the Dr.'s bag "closure"

This was a very inexpensive gift, I picked up a large bottle of aspirin, and had enough to fill two TUBES for under 5.00 but other items are perfect for a get well TUBE gift too, like cough drops, band aids, mini hand sanitizer, etc. You can even put liquid in them, so put your thinking cap on and order yourself a few TUBES, in fact take two and call me in the morning! *grin*

happy creating~

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Last year I was asked to make a card for Bazzill paper with a patriotic theme, I chose a Cricut cut of Uncle Sams hat. I really liked how this one turned out, but when you are working with red white and blue, plus glitter you almost can't go wrong!

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July, with lots of picnics, fireworks, and hometown parades. I will be back soon with more fun things to share! Happy creating!