Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vinyl Monograms above the Towel Hooks

In our summer cottage, we have 7 people living in a two bedroom two bath. We converted the dining room to be a third bedroom, and have been quite creative to give each person a dresser, and space for storage. It takes a lot to keep the house organized, and functioning with so many of us in such a small space. The towels are color coded, but I thought a monogram above a hook for each person would help in the main bathroom.

A 3" letter cut on my Cricut with adhesive backed vinyl was super quick and super easy, plus its removable when I need to switch them out!

I used Cricut Craftroom  to search through my fonts and find one that was pretty, but not too frilly! I personally like frilly, but for this bathroom more a more basic font was the best option.

Even in the bathroom, we have to be creative about space, and this skinny wall is unusable space for anything other than a hook. But I really didn't want the entire large wall lined up with towels! So this was a perfect solution!

These hooks were found in the bottom of a box of random hardware years ago, they are aged, banged up and free! I love the look of the pretty monogram paired with the vintage hook!

I also added these fun vinyl words above the sink, they were originally meant for the laundry room, and i rearranged the words just a bit to put  the word dirty on top, {transfer tape is your best friend when using vinyl cuts!} Although everyone in the house is an adult...or teen, its still fun to have a little whimsy here and there!

The remaining word laundry didn't go to waste, I applied it to a container above the washer and dryer in our tiny laundry room, the container holds the tide pods that I have switched to to keep the mess and clutter to a minimum! I'm not sure they clean as well as regular liquid detergent, the jury is still out on that! :) but It certainly cuts down on big ugly containers to find a home for!


liz at liz's paper loft said...

what a great idea! I love the simplicity of it!

Sis Patterson said...

Wonderful and practical - love all the personal touches. Your home decor projects are among my favorites!

Kim said...

I love the monograms - fun but not girly. Which font/cartridge did you use?