Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads,Fathers, Grandfathers, stepfathers, and soon to be daddys. Sadly the role of a father in our society is somewhat downplayed these days, many of us owe an eternal debt to the strong wise men that left their mark on our lives. For me there are two men who greatly changed the shape of my life.... the man who raised my husband, and to some extent finished raising me, he was the best father I have ever known. The second, is the man who is raising our girls, my husband.

He has grown into a strong wise man, a man who loves his children and has worked very hard to give them everything they need. Like all dads, he is not without imperfections, but they know without a doubt that they can always count on him to be there. There is so much security in knowing you are loved.

Not only has David been a father to his own children, but has been a father figure, a role model, and a mentor to many others. We have had the joy and been privileged, help many young people who needed guidance and love. There are several of our "kids" who we have watched grow into amazing adults. The direct result of Davids willingness to guide and stand up for these kids. He has gone above and beyond the call of {self imposed} duty to improve the lives of so many. He has never expected anything in return for his emotional or financial efforts except that they live a good life, and live up to their full potential. In this way he is a quiet hero.

My life with David aka Mr. Wonderful is crazy busy, he is a handful! We wakes up with a smile on his face every day. He is the ultimate positive thinker, and is truly the funniest person I have ever met. Adrenalin junkie, ADD as can be, and changes his mind at the drop of a hat. He is impulsive, full of life, and bold. He was my diamond in the rough, he has become the man I always knew he could be. He is a father who has and will continue to be a significant part of the girls lives. Being a father is no easy job, we need to celebrate those men in our lives who have stepped up to the line. 
 So today I will celebrate the fabulous father that my father in law was, the loving grandfather he was, and the amazing son he raised. I will celebrate the father my girls are so lucky to have.


Sis Patterson said...

Thank you for sharing - you are blessed with Mr. Wonderful (and I know he thinks the world of Mrs. Wonderful too). Beautiful post!

Sara Andrews said...

Awwww...this is SO sweet!

chanceysmomma said...

Shantaie, That is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Wonderfully sweet post. Thanks for sharing that part of your lives with us!! :)

flowerdisco said...

way to go to mr david! not too many (like him) are left :(

MulticrafterAmy said...

Such a sweet post :) .

Konnie with a K said...

I just read this and cried. As lucky as you are to have him; he is also lucky to have you! To know and value the love and respect of someone is a true gift!