Sunday, June 10, 2012

Elegant Rice Krispie Treats

I like the idea of elevating even the simplest of things to a level of importance and elegance with a few little details. For Meagan's wedding Lisa and I wrapped ordinary rice krispie treats with paper doilies and a twine bow. The lacy edges curl up and around, creating a beautiful display and preventing them from sticking together. The all white and cream sweets table was a big hit, and these favorite treats did not last very long once the guests were given the green light to help themselves!  This is a simple item to make and assemble, perfect for any gathering!

Simple Elegance, sometimes it's the easiest little tricks that make the biggest impact! I have come to the conclusion that everything looks somehow prettier with a bow on it! ......well almost everything!
Happy creating~

2 comments: said...

Just so simple and really makes all the difference.

Nadia ( said...

I must know: how did you keep them from sticking? Were the doilies waxed or did you spray with a bit of Pam on the cut sides?

I love that you made RKTs so elegant!!