Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trailer Shaped Camping Mini Album

Its that time of year, when camping and all varieties of outdoor activities take center stage. I love being outside, and will go fishing or take a nice walk in the woods.....but camping is not really one of my "things" I do however love to make camping themed projects, and jumped at the chance to make a mini album for my cousin and her girls. They love to camp, and a cute girly album is so fun and different.

This album can be seen in its entirety on the Cricut blog today, there are several pages with lots of details and close up photos! I cut the album using the Campin' Critters Cricut cartridge, lots of SRM stickers, and fun happy colors! 

I had a lot of fun creating this album, especially knowing that my non scrappy cousin will be able to easily finish it by adding photos and memorabilia from their weekend camping and road trip.I left some pages more open for larger photos, while others are complete and perfect for small snapshots or journaling. Be sure to take a peek at the close up photos and download the Cricut craft Room or gypsy files to make one of your own!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SRM summer release!

This week SRM stickers is unveiling some great new products, and having some incredible giveaways! I was one of the lucky designers to get to work with a super cool new product called stickers by the dozen! I love Halloween, so making some spooky...and not so spooky projects with the new stickers by the dozen was so much fun! Each sheet has a dozen of each image making it a snap to plan parties, classroom projects or multiples of any kind! How genius is that?!!! 

A simple flag style tag, using the Halloween stickers with its adorable font made whipping up these treat bags  extra easy! AND I still have plenty of stickers for more projects! Seriously whats not to love??!!!  Do yourself a favor and visit the SRM blog everyday to see all of the new summer releases, and the mouthwatering projects from the team!  {ah-maz-ing} 

The treat box was cut with the Cricut expression using the Teresa Collins Chic and scary cartridge, and the cute face was cut using Autumn celebrations and Cricut craft room basics designed in Cricut craft Room to fit the front of the treat box. With SRM stickers by the dozen, you can make tons of these in no time!
 I will be back tomorrow with a new project to share, so until then happy creating!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vinyl Monograms above the Towel Hooks

In our summer cottage, we have 7 people living in a two bedroom two bath. We converted the dining room to be a third bedroom, and have been quite creative to give each person a dresser, and space for storage. It takes a lot to keep the house organized, and functioning with so many of us in such a small space. The towels are color coded, but I thought a monogram above a hook for each person would help in the main bathroom.

A 3" letter cut on my Cricut with adhesive backed vinyl was super quick and super easy, plus its removable when I need to switch them out!

I used Cricut Craftroom  to search through my fonts and find one that was pretty, but not too frilly! I personally like frilly, but for this bathroom more a more basic font was the best option.

Even in the bathroom, we have to be creative about space, and this skinny wall is unusable space for anything other than a hook. But I really didn't want the entire large wall lined up with towels! So this was a perfect solution!

These hooks were found in the bottom of a box of random hardware years ago, they are aged, banged up and free! I love the look of the pretty monogram paired with the vintage hook!

I also added these fun vinyl words above the sink, they were originally meant for the laundry room, and i rearranged the words just a bit to put  the word dirty on top, {transfer tape is your best friend when using vinyl cuts!} Although everyone in the house is an adult...or teen, its still fun to have a little whimsy here and there!

The remaining word laundry didn't go to waste, I applied it to a container above the washer and dryer in our tiny laundry room, the container holds the tide pods that I have switched to to keep the mess and clutter to a minimum! I'm not sure they clean as well as regular liquid detergent, the jury is still out on that! :) but It certainly cuts down on big ugly containers to find a home for!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have another Cricut Girls Makeup Party  cartridge release project from last summer. I hope you all don't mind my sharing these, especially since I don't get to show you very many of my layouts. This one is of my youngest daughter playing dress up. She is more of a tomboy these days, but when she was little we spent more than one outing to the grocery store in a tutu! I miss those silly sweet days, I honestly loved everything about having girls!!!

I added a generous coat of pink flocking to this compact cut to resemble powdered blush, and a bit of glossy accents on the lip gloss wand. These papers are from My Minds Eye and are named Stella and Rose, and were some of my all time favorite papers ever!!!

I have been crafting up a little hurricane this past week, but nothing I can show you just yet, but soon I promise!!
.....Summer is one of the busiest times for our family business, so my posting may be less regular at times, but hang in there with me I will post as often as I can! Especially when I need a glitter fix! :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Teen Spa Party

Summer is the perfect time to gather the girls, a couple good movies, and a handful of pretty polish colors.
This teen spa party set is a project I created for the release of the Cricut girls makeup party cartridge last year. You don't have to be a teen to have a get together like this one, I'm pretty sure most of my friends would love to come over for a pedicure! Especially now that I have my new gel manicure set.

The girls makeup party cartridge has the most awesome bottle wrapper cut ever, and I have used it several times! You can cut it to fit almost any size bottle! {heart}

What is a party without a little favor? maybe a polish and lip gloss to take home? Or my all time favorite chocolate!!!

Even a stack of fluffy white cotton rounds look extra special in an organza bag topped with a pretty tag! Like I always say, you don't have to break the bank to have a fun little gathering, just make the simple little items seem more luxurious by presenting them in a unique or special way! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads,Fathers, Grandfathers, stepfathers, and soon to be daddys. Sadly the role of a father in our society is somewhat downplayed these days, many of us owe an eternal debt to the strong wise men that left their mark on our lives. For me there are two men who greatly changed the shape of my life.... the man who raised my husband, and to some extent finished raising me, he was the best father I have ever known. The second, is the man who is raising our girls, my husband.

He has grown into a strong wise man, a man who loves his children and has worked very hard to give them everything they need. Like all dads, he is not without imperfections, but they know without a doubt that they can always count on him to be there. There is so much security in knowing you are loved.

Not only has David been a father to his own children, but has been a father figure, a role model, and a mentor to many others. We have had the joy and been privileged, help many young people who needed guidance and love. There are several of our "kids" who we have watched grow into amazing adults. The direct result of Davids willingness to guide and stand up for these kids. He has gone above and beyond the call of {self imposed} duty to improve the lives of so many. He has never expected anything in return for his emotional or financial efforts except that they live a good life, and live up to their full potential. In this way he is a quiet hero.

My life with David aka Mr. Wonderful is crazy busy, he is a handful! We wakes up with a smile on his face every day. He is the ultimate positive thinker, and is truly the funniest person I have ever met. Adrenalin junkie, ADD as can be, and changes his mind at the drop of a hat. He is impulsive, full of life, and bold. He was my diamond in the rough, he has become the man I always knew he could be. He is a father who has and will continue to be a significant part of the girls lives. Being a father is no easy job, we need to celebrate those men in our lives who have stepped up to the line. 
 So today I will celebrate the fabulous father that my father in law was, the loving grandfather he was, and the amazing son he raised. I will celebrate the father my girls are so lucky to have.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bandanna BBQ

This week the Official Cricut blog is filled with ideas and projects about our summer favorites...BBQ's and pool parties! I love cook outs, so I decided to make a fun tag to add to the tables place setting. For the cut files both for Cricut craft Room and Gypsy click here!

I used the flower fringe cuttlebug quilling kit to create the grassy edge at the bottom of the tag.

Decorative labels for these squeeze bottles are just a wee bit prettier on the table than all those bottles of condiments, we have to have them... I mean can you imagine a cookout without mustard? Never! :) 

If you plan to have at least one BBQ this summer, take a few minutes and check out all the fun projects you can create with the Cricut!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Imagine Ombre Chevron Tutorial

There are two very big, very hot trends at the moment Chevron patterns are everywhere, and they are fabulous, but combined with the ombre effect they are divine! I have been bursting at the seams to share this new technique with you, and I decided a tutorial would be in order!

 You will need a Cricut Imagine for this project, however if you do not have an Imagine don't leave just yet, you can apply this technique to colored cardstock as well! 

I used my ombre chevron to create a fathers day card, but the pattern is virtually a blank slate to create any type of card you choose! I love how this turned out...with one minor exception, I did make my "test" chevrons a little too short but I fixed that and now they are perfect for a 4.25"x 5.5" standard card.As you will see you can adjust them for any size you need.OK we have a lot to cover so lets get started!

Start by selecting a zig zag or chevron style image from one of your cartridges, I am using this border shape found on the Teresa Collins sophisticated Cartridge. There are several images that will work, just use what you like. A ric rac shape would work too! I am showing you how to do this in Cricut Craft Room, you can also use your Gypsy or DS

Set the image size to 5 inches wide by .93 {or so} tall. To do this you will click the icon between the numbers to unlock the aspect ratio, this will allow you to change the size in this manner.

Place the chevron images on the left side of your mat ending at around 11" You will be cutting the cardstock at 4.25" wide, and 11" long after you have finished printing your ombre design. Space them as desired, I "eyeballed" them, and spaced the with a "medium" gap between.

For my card I chose 7 chevron stripes, you may add or subtract that nunber as desired.

Now that you have your images in place, lets add some color! Click the colors and patterns tab, make sure your CCR program is set on the Imagine and that fill mode is not checked.

Choose from your Imagine cartridges, that will have at least one or two of the colors you would like to use.

Now Click the patterns tab.

 When you click on the patterns tab, a drop down menu will appear. click on colors.

 The colors that coordinate with that cartridge will appear.In addition to the pre selected colors is the colorful icon with an arrow in the center, you will use that tool to add colors that are not pictured among your options.

Starting at either the bottom or the top choose the darkest shade you want in your ombre line up. 

Use the color tool to find the perfect shades, I found that I had to try a few variations to get what I really liked. If you have a list of RGB values for your favorites, you can key those in. I know a lot of people have them....I'm too "loosey Goosey for all of that" :D   *wink*

Now that you have your design all colored in, you will print only on your Cricut Imagine {or cut your colored cardstock if you don't have an Imagine!!!!}. After printing, remove paper from mat and cut to 4.25X 11. Fold in half and embellish! save your design, or make several colors and keep the papers on hand to whip up a card as you need it!
 I hope I was a little more clear than mud! What do you think???
 ~ happy creating!