Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunny Days & Lemonade

Warm sunny days should be celebrated with good friends, a pink lemonade get together is a sweet way to celebrate indeed! I love sitting outdoors with the breeze blowing, the scent of fresh cut grass heavy in the air and birds chirping their pretty songs...that is my vision for this simple relaxed party!

The team at SRM stickers has been challenged to create summer themed projects and party ideas to help you all get the most out of your summer months! We are sharing all of our party plans and  inspiration to jump start your party mojo! 

I am quite fond of straw flags and use them almost anytime I want a get together to feel a little more festive, I cut these on my Cricut using the party picks and pennants, and slid SRM summer stickers on them, super duper fast and so easy the kids can help make them!

Whether  your event is relaxed or formal the invitation always sets the tone, for this pitcher of lemonade I used a blank invite from SRM stickers to pop right in the middle of the pitcher, its ready to be filled out with all of my key party information.

Favors are one of my little obsessions, I truly love to give favors! I love the way they tie the party together and give my guests a little something to make them feel that they are treasured. If you are not familiar with SRM TUBES let me introduce you to one of the most clever and versatile containers ever!

TUBES are clear to show off whatever you put inside, they come in 4 sizes and can be filled with almost anything you can imagine {well as long as it will fit} a stuffed unicorn not so much! lol I love that they stand on their own and since they are a "blank canvas" can be embellished to my hearts desire! Here I have filled them with pink lemonade gumballs for the kiddos!

 A note about throwing a party, To help from becoming stressed or overwhelmed, a few things to keep in mind are to stay within your don't have to take out a loan to impress your guests, they want to visit with you, not a rented ice sculpture! Keep your overall theme within your abilities if you have very little time, skip trying to overdo it, simple is perfectly fine, and most of all if you cant quite manage to do everything on your list...its OK you are the only one who knew what what on the list, they will never know {or care} that you were going to bake cookies but ran out of time! Most of all relax and enjoy your own party!


Sara Andrews said...

Love all of your party favor ideas! I think it's finally time I break down and get some of those tubes:)

Aimee Kidd said...

Simply put....this is just FABULOUS!!! I love the colors and the invitation is so adorable with the pitcher of lemonade!! You really knocked it out of the park!!!

Court said...

I'd come to this party for sure! :)

Sis Patterson said...

Love the pink and lemon yellow - a lovely party setting and really good party planning advice!

Lisarenae said...