Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happiest Easter To You

I want to wish you all a Happy Easter, a day filled with joy love and laughter. Perhaps each of us will celebrate in our own way, as Easter means something different to everyone. This is part of what I love about traditions, about humanity,and about community. 
 This morning I awoke to a 6'2" Easter bunny with fuzzy bunny ears on his head with a tall  iced coffee he had made just for me, and a groggy teenager  with that familiar blond bed head nest that I have grown to love over the years. She slept on the sofa watching cartoons like she had so many times on the weekends when she was little.
 I have been awake for 5 minutes and already my heart is bursting, smiling, and happy.
Although this will be the first Easter ever that my oldest daughter is not home, she is on her honeymoon cruise with her brand new husband, building a new life, and creating new and wonderful memories of her own. I am happy for them. Families like holiday traditions, change and adapt, they grow, and blossom.
 Whatever your day holds, take a minute to soak it all in and let it be the happiest Easter it can be!

You can't imagine how fun it is for me to make someones Easter just a little brighter with this goody filled giveaway!!!

I want to thank each of you for your comments, I enjoyed reading your memories, your stories, and smiled, laughed and a couple of times my heart was so touched I almost shed a tear! I know we were just talking about candy, but so many shared your childhood memories with me, and I just love you for that! I also MUST tell you how much it means to me to know that you love this creative place, your kind, generous, and uplifting words have given me a new spark of energy for the future! I have learned that although you may not comment daily, you do read, you do visit and somehow {with all the talents you already possess} you are inspired!! Thank you from the depths of my heart, where all the glitter and lace bits live...thank you!!!!  hugs~

{By random drawing}The winner of this goody package goes to:

She said...
        frou frou, you are one of my inspirations. i love your work and is not for me to say but i know a lot who loves it too. i am glad i got to meet you through cricut. thanks for the opportunity and lets hope for 500x100+ more, :D
        April 3, 2012 11:59 PM


flowerdisco said...

thank you shantaie, you just don't know how you have made my day.
hope you had a great easter too.

we are three at home and my son is away in college. he is coming next week and we then we'll have our easter dinner :D in a way i am glad because i was not up to it today, lol.

flowerdisco said...

i just emailed you but it failed to deliver. you can email me at gmail with my user name.

Court said...

woot woot! Congrats to her!!!