Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Home

I'm slowly, daily, one area of the house at a time setting up my Easter decor and displays. One of the easiest ways to pay tribute to spring is the simple oval we all associate with Easter, the egg. A stunning Easter decor with little effort. On my dining room table I have a wire basket filled with eggs in cream, white, and blues. There is nothing elaborate or difficult about it, I even used plastic fillable eggs to hide treats inside.

As you walk into my home I keep a small table with this box perched upon it, this is where we deposit our keys as we come in. A square vase filled with blue eggs and my two favorite vintage chocolate molds create a simple vignette that says Easter is on its way!

I love these banged up chocolate molds that I keep them in my craft room all year, but each Easter they get to make a grand appearance and be the star of one display or another!

Pretty, easy, and classic, eggs make a beautiful Easter display.

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Court said...

GORGEOUS display!!!