Friday, April 27, 2012

A gift-y Tin for Mother

This softly hued tin is a recipe made with a delicious blend of crafty ingredients. Start with a tin, and a few buttery papers, mix in a swirl of The Twinerys buttercup twine, layers of flowers cut with the Cricut and a sugary glitter coated SRM sticker on a tag. This week on the SRM blog the entire team has whipped up some of the most amazing creations with twine from the Twinery {yummiest twine in the universe} and SRM stickers! To see it all and to enter to win a great SRM prize package, be sure to visit the SRM blog!

I used a cosmo Cricket gluber to create this swirled twine flower center, and used the old fork method to create a mini pompom for the smaller flower. The flowers were cut using The Teresa Collins Sophisticated Cricut cartridge {swoon} and the sticker is from the Mothers day sheet by SRM. These papers are actually from a few years back and I had been saving them...for what I do not know, but you know how it is when we love a paper or a fabric we just want to have it so we can adore it with our eyes! :D

How long am I going to make you wait before I announce the winner of the Robot party cartridge!??? *grin*

The lucky winner is........
BloggerCraftyOldBat said...

I got goosebumps reading your story; how exciting! Following your blog now and can't wait to look around some more. Thanks for the opportunity to win and congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you are going to have fun with this one!! email me at frougirl3 @ gmail with you mailing address so I can ship your new cartridge to you!!!! yay!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Strawberry Baby

Its been a few days since I had a project to share, and I have what would seem as the counterpart to my last project! {Cheery Cherry Hello} In a way it is, but only because I was inspired by this beautiful little dress.

It is so classic and feminine, and I would be dishonest to say that all those memories of my girls in their Cherry and Strawberry outfits didn't sway me just a little while searching for a gift for a new baby girl. The moment I saw it I had to get it! This card was 100% an attempt to replicate the feeling of the dress on paper.

I had these pretty crocheted strawberries, and thought it would be pretty with a layer of sugary glitter! I based the layout of the card on this weeks Mojo Monday sketch 238 ...don't look too closely you will notice my tiles are a wee bit off { as you know I'm a no rules crafter} so yes I winged it! I try to never get too stressed out over imperfections........remember this is for fun! Happy Creating~


Monday, April 23, 2012

Who would've thought? Oh and a giveaway!

I want to share a bit of excitement that I experienced a few days ago. I will take you on a little journey with me -that started out as a mundane errand to the store to buy buttons.While at Joann's I decided to wander over to the papercrafting section....big surprise I know LOL- and the new signage and marketing material in the Cricut and cuttlebug area caught my eye! I was soaking it all in and frankly really admiring the fresh new look {not sure how long its been up, I hadn't been in a long while}
 I suddenly gasp out loud...OK lets be honest I probably made a small scene considering I was alone! {feel free to laugh at me, it was not my most calm and collected moment} *wink* BECAUSE..... right there as big as life is a beautiful sign...IN JOANN'S with one of my Cricut projects on it!!!!
 I had NO IDEA that it was used for the new marketing, so imagine my shock and utter delight to see one of my pillows up on that sign...but wait there is more!!! There is a second project in the binder that they have stationed at the Cricut section....AND the photo of the pillow is also in the take home brochure!!!
  So like a total goofball I fumble in my purse with a {giant}Cheshire cat grin on my silly face and start taking pictures with my iphone to show my this moment I'm in my own little "I can't believe what I am seeing world"  I'm texting my husband and my girls and I'm as giddy as a  toy loving child on Christmas morning...and I look up to see a lady gawking at me like I had 3 heads *giggle* clearly I was less than smooth and casual about it all! She must still be wondering what in the world was so exciting!

 Now I have to tell you that was heart stopping over the moon elation for me, because it has been my dream for almost 20 years to have a sign in Joann' all started when I was learning to sew. I would pour through the pattern books and wonder what it must feel like to have your handiwork in the McCall's pattern book...or even better to have a big 6 foot sign hanging from the ceiling?!!! I know its sounds like a silly thing to have as one of your hearts desires...but as the saying goes "the heart wants what the heart wants"  I never ever ever....EVER thought that it would or could happen....ever!!!! To have it happen- and to have it be such a just about as sweet as it gets! How lucky can a girl be?

Now If you have managed to hang in there with me through all of my silly gushing...I have a cartridge to give away...the super cute Robot party cartridge! It's such a fun cartridge filled with cool and crazy gear loving goodness! I think there are even some good images for fathers day on this one! how would you like to get your hands {or Cricuts as the case may be} LOL on this one? 

Just leave me a comment and be sure to follow Inkingpink and I will choose one random winner to be announced this coming Friday! Good luck!
PS....thanks for letting me share this with you! hugs~ Shantaie

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Cheery} Cherry Hello

Good Wednesday to you, I'm so happy you decided to pop in because I have a fun cheerful card to share today! I have to tell you a short story, so indulge me for a minute if you will! ;)  As you may know I have two sweet {& sour}daughters, for some reason when they were little they each chose an icon that represented themselves,  one strawberries and the other cherries. It seemed that the brightly colored fruits were printed on everything from swimsuits to vintage pink glass. The thrill of finding an item with one or both of these sweet images was pure delight.

 Its no surprise that I still hold a special fondness for ripe red fruit in all forms, and this little stamp set by SU called tart and tangy is a big favorite!

I adore red and turquoise paired fact I have been on a turquoise streak lately! Such a beautiful color that blends or contrasts with most every color I like to work with! Have you seen these gorgeous new SRM fancy sticker sentiments? I'm smitten I tell ya' completely head over heels for them! I used this weeks Mojo Monday sketch as my inspiration, and just started playing around a bit.

I tried a couple of things that I have not done before {or rarely do} I used markers to color my image, and stamped directly to the notebook lined paper. I colored the leaves in with a prisma pencil and a colorless blender, then added shadows with a cool gray copic marker. The cherries were coated with glossy accents and clear fine glitter {yummy} looks like sugar. I placed one of the fancy sentiments over the stamped how that looks! Do you? Can't wait to give this one to my cherry girl!

This weeks sketch is simple but challenging, always fun to be challenged a little don't you think?
Hope you have a great day, as always happy creating!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Banner

I know I have told you a thousand times how much I love spring, as one of the most transformational seasons of the year I just can;t help but sing its praises! I have this sweet mini banner hanging on my dining room wall and I smile at the daily reminder each time I pass it.

This precious bunny print is on display all year, as well as several other animal paintings, prints, and figurines..... several of them are rabbits, since they remind me of all the beauty nature has for us to behold. I actually made this banner for last years Cricut Circle crop held in Orlando in April, that's another reason it makes me smile..because I made so many new friends at the crop and truly enjoyed the day!

With my Cricut this was done in mere minutes, fast easy and cute! My goodness I love projects like that! :D   I used 12x24 paper and cut the image all in one piece. 12x24 paper can be found at your local craft store, but you may need to ask for assistance ..sometimes they keep the paper packs in strange areas! Talk to you soon!

Happy creating!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blooms of white

I Thought you might enjoy these gorgeous arrangements, I adore fresh flowers with their delicate petals and sweet perfume. These Flowers are from Meagan's wedding, but many of the displays could be used in your home just to make you feel happy!

Happy Gathering~

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Pinkalicious Invitations

If I had the ability to fulfill every request I get to make a set of Pinkalicious invitations I would! I wish I much fun it would be for me to have a hand in all of those wonderfully pink parties! I have decided to come up with a middle of the road solution for those of you wanting to order these sugary confections of girliness. I will make unique sets of the invites available for purchase as I have time, no custom orders, just whatever I can get done as I go. My goal is to provide sweet invitations for your pinkalicious party that are as pretty as can be!

By far my pinkalicious party posts have been one of my most viewed parties ever, and shows no sign of slowing down. I LOVE this series of books, and I know you do too! This set of dozen handmade invitations are layers of pink and white with pompoms, lace, glitter, hand dyed ribbon and embossed cupcakes! They feature a little tag that says "you're pink-vited" and include white envelopes.

This set is one of a kind, {although I may make a similar version at another time}, no two sets will be identical. These are sold on a first come first served basis, no orders will be taken....I'm sorry about that but I just don't have much free time to whip them up! So if you have a sweet tooth for cupcake invites better grab 'em quick! :D

Edited to add: this item is sold! Thank you

30.00 US dollars

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cupcake Party Plates

I had a little extra time to play along with this weeks Mojo Monday sketch, and a sweet stamp set by Pink Paislee that I had yet to ink up! This bright cheerful card is the result. I kind of just let this card "happen" as I worked on it over a period of 3 days a few minutes at a time. I'm one of those people who have different ideas of what I'm in the mood to do or make from day to day, so this card just evolved as I went.I like this type of crafting...I may try to do this more often!

The little cupcake was stamped 3 times, once on the main layer, and one turquoise and one melon mambo, I added glitter and microbeads to give it a little shimmer. The background was shaded with copics, and the cake plates were embellished with glossy accents and white enamel dots.

I love the addition of the tinsel trim to add a wee bit of vintage charm to an otherwise very bright and bold card. These papers from the soiree collection by Pink Paislee are so festive that you almost can't help but smile when you see them!
Happy creating~

Monday, April 9, 2012

Great form!

Sometimes I get the chance to show you some of the things I have worked on in the past. You may not know how many projects I make each month {its a lot} because unless you are a Cricut circle member or a Cricut magazine  subscriber there are projects you don't get the chance to see. This is a card I made well over a year ago for the Cricut circle blog. It has lots of color, texture, and that gorgeous dress form that pops! I love the look of sanded embossing, and bold stitching.

This dress form was painted with tattered angels glitter paint, and layered with foam tape. The papers were all printed on the Cricut Imagine and the heirloom cartridge, and the cut is from French manor one of the Cricut Circle exclusive cartridges. If you decide to become a circle member so you can enjoy all of the benefits of membership, please let me know...that way we can chat on the Circle message board! Of course I wish I could share all of my projects with you, I do so love showing you the things I make. For now I can only show you what I make just for my blog..... and just for you!!! 

Happy creating~

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happiest Easter To You

I want to wish you all a Happy Easter, a day filled with joy love and laughter. Perhaps each of us will celebrate in our own way, as Easter means something different to everyone. This is part of what I love about traditions, about humanity,and about community. 
 This morning I awoke to a 6'2" Easter bunny with fuzzy bunny ears on his head with a tall  iced coffee he had made just for me, and a groggy teenager  with that familiar blond bed head nest that I have grown to love over the years. She slept on the sofa watching cartoons like she had so many times on the weekends when she was little.
 I have been awake for 5 minutes and already my heart is bursting, smiling, and happy.
Although this will be the first Easter ever that my oldest daughter is not home, she is on her honeymoon cruise with her brand new husband, building a new life, and creating new and wonderful memories of her own. I am happy for them. Families like holiday traditions, change and adapt, they grow, and blossom.
 Whatever your day holds, take a minute to soak it all in and let it be the happiest Easter it can be!

You can't imagine how fun it is for me to make someones Easter just a little brighter with this goody filled giveaway!!!

I want to thank each of you for your comments, I enjoyed reading your memories, your stories, and smiled, laughed and a couple of times my heart was so touched I almost shed a tear! I know we were just talking about candy, but so many shared your childhood memories with me, and I just love you for that! I also MUST tell you how much it means to me to know that you love this creative place, your kind, generous, and uplifting words have given me a new spark of energy for the future! I have learned that although you may not comment daily, you do read, you do visit and somehow {with all the talents you already possess} you are inspired!! Thank you from the depths of my heart, where all the glitter and lace bits live...thank you!!!!  hugs~

{By random drawing}The winner of this goody package goes to:

She said...
        frou frou, you are one of my inspirations. i love your work and is not for me to say but i know a lot who loves it too. i am glad i got to meet you through cricut. thanks for the opportunity and lets hope for 500x100+ more, :D
        April 3, 2012 11:59 PM

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sitting Pretty

Can you just imagine how eggs-cited I got when I stumbled upon these adorable chocolate hens for Easter??? Picture me in World market looking for a little candy egg to fill a tiny chicken shaped basket and spotting these bright gorgeous foil wrapped girls sitting pretty on a shelf....*squeal*  OK maybe you are wondering what all the hub bub is about chickens??? I along with several other ladies belong to a group call the "hen house crafters" we are a close knit group that meets once a week to craft ,eat lunch, and do fun things! So now you see why I flipped.....I knew I had found the perfect Easter gift for the hens!

You may recognize these pretty little berry baskets, aren't they super cute in shades of berry?? I love how perfectly the chickens fit, and still have plenty of room for the truffle eggs that came in the package. Of course I did sample one  {or two} to make sure the chocolate was yummy....and trust me it was gift worthy! :D

I used the Teresa Collins Craft Room Exclusive Easter basket cartridge To cut out these little egg shaped tags, I inked the edges and stamped a greeting in a berry shade and coated the entire egg with crystal effects and let the glitter flow! I love the vintage feel of a glitter covered tag! So darling!

The hens were thrilled with these little baskets, and it was a joy for me to make them smile...the way they make me smile all the time, it's another small way for me to express how much they mean to me...and I always relish the chance to give a gift, especially at Easter!! {Oh the love of packaging and giving a gift.....its my weakness! }

I may never find these adorable chicks again, but for this Easter I'm pretty happy I did! If you still need to whip up some quick Easter treat baskets the berry basket is fast and easy, or give these
carrot patch boxes a try, maybe even one of these tomato containers!

Don't miss out on the 500 post Cricut goodies giveaway! Enter to win today!!! I will announce the winner tomorrow AM  Good luck!