Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cupcake Poppers!!

Are you ready for a little silliness? Good, because if you are here silliness is always on the menu...
what do you get when you combine The Cricut Imagine greeting cards inside and out cartridge, a tray of delicious cupcakes and a bachelorette party??

A dozen handsome men jumping out of cakes of course! When Meagan planned to include her 17 year old sister {and maid of honor} in the bachelorette party we knew that we had to choose a party that could provide a good time for the girls of all ages, but Chelsea thought it would be fun to use this image popping out of the cupcakes as kind of a joke about the brides strict "no strippers" rule!!
  They were a hoot and the girls almost fell over laughing when the tray was lifted to reveal these handsome hotties!! giggle! I have to applaud Provocraft's sense of humor found all through that cartridge, so many funny images that will bring genuine smiles!!! Its on my top ten favorite cartridges for sure!

I love that my oldest daughter felt it was important to include her little sister and some of her friends, as well as her girlfriends, and they all insisted I stay to join them...a little unusual I know, but I love that we are such a close knit family that it seemed perfectly normal!

Oh and did I mention I was the designated driver? It may have been a mostly mild night.....mostly!!!!! {those paper cupcake poppers were not the only hot guys in the building}


Sis Patterson said...

What lovely and smart girls - I love your cake poppers! Looks like a memorable night was had by all - great job, terrific daughters, and good friends!

Riley's Custom Creations said...

Oh my! Those poppers are great! I'm sure they were the hit of the party! So fun!