Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Turn A Tomato Container Into An Easter Treat!

I'm always saving these types of plastic containers, in fact my family saves all shapes and sizes of packaging for me just in case I may want to re purpose them. This once had two plump red tomatoes nestled inside it, and I thought it would be the cutest Easter treat basket ever! I washed and dried it, and peeled off the label, don't fuss too much about getting the whole label off , you will cover it with paper anyways!

This container took a 5.5X 2.5 piece of paper with the corners rounded for the top inner and outer lid, for the indention of the inner lid I clipped a little notch with a square punch. Use triple T or a strong tape to secure in place.

Cut a second layer of coordinating paper at 5" X 2.25" and round corners, Tie a pretty ribbon and embellish with stamps or die cuts, or stickers. Cut a strip of paper and adhere along the side of the container for just a little extra color.

Fill your new Easter Treat container with shredded grass and candy or eggs, and its ready to give! This is a great way to use up paper scraps and reuse a container that otherwise would be thrown out. You know its safe to use for food, but can be used for toys or trinkets! I'm thinking I could fill one with lip gloss and smashbox eye shadow for my girls!

I picked up this little stamp at the craft store for 1.00 and it did stamp out really cute! I used a cuttlebug postage stamp die and colored it with copics. All papers are Nikki Sivils Summer collection. This was a really fast and fun project, that can be adapted to other plastic containers. You don't need a ton of tools or years of experience to create your own version, so this is a great beginner project! Have fun and happy creating!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hippity Hop Goes the Sparkly Bunny

The mood struck me to break out the markers and do a bit of watercoloring, it was very relaxing...that is once I decided what stamp to color. I have a small collection of Easter stamps.... very small especially since its my favorite holiday. I have got to stock up on some new rubber, if you have a favorite Easter set, share the love and let me know!

I may not have many Easter sets, but I DO have a nice selection of SRM stickers for Easter like this too cute "Hippity Hop" sentiment! Love!!! Now if you know me at all, you know purple is my least favorite color and I almost never use it, I wanted a unique combo, so turquoise and purple with a pop of yellow!

My usual coarse glitter addiction makes this bunny look like a sugared candy treat more than a rabbit in a garden....which was my original plan, good thing a candy bunny is totally acceptable at Easter time! :D  I was hoping the chevron embossing would show up a little better in the photos, in person it looks so cute and old time Easter-y! I always get so nostalgic during holidays! Oh but I do not miss that static clingy plastic Easter grass stuff...remember that stuff??? oh the horror!!
* shudders with the memory of a gooey peep with plastic grass stuck to it smooshed into the carpet*

Well thats enough of that!!!  LOL  Thanks for hopping in today, talk to you soon!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Carrot Patch Treats

Are you looking for a special way to package your Easter treats? Why not try these carrot boxes, or this darling fry box all decked out for a visit from Peter Cottontail!! This set was featured on the official Cricut blog yesterday, and you can even download the Gypsy or Cricut craft room files there.Yay!!

 All of the projects were cut using the Tags, Bags, Boxes,& more 2 Cricut cartridge....I have been using this one a lot the past week and I'm so glad they came out with a cartridge with so many cool containers....we all know how much I like to make 3D items!

For instructions and a few tips, hop on over to the Cricut blog to read the entire post, while you are there take a look around at all of the inspiration and information they have for you....including an amazing giveaway of the Cricut Ideas book! Speaking of Cricut magazine, they also featured this project on their facebook page yesterday!!! {Totally honored and excited about that} I still have to pinch myself from time to time to make sure this journey I'm on is real!!!  How did I ever get so lucky???

Be sure to hop in tomorrow for another fun Easter project!

Have you started a Cricut craft Room account yet? Its totally free, and makes the most of  using your Cricut, Imagine, and cartridges! There are digital craft room exclusives available to purchase, or just use the cartridges you already have!!...I love that I can use the digital content but don't have to worry about finding space on my shelves to store them! I use Cricut craft room each time I make a project now!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Decorated Journal By Lisa

As a little day of the wedding gift for the Bridal party I picked up these gorgeous journals from Target, my sweet cousin Lisa took over the job of decorating them, and I mus say she did an outstanding job! They turned out so pretty, I love how she layered the lace over the burlap trim we found in my garage. One darling button and some linen thread, a bookmark and a personal note from the bride are all the special touches that took these from ordinary to fabulous!

Thank you Lisa for helping with so many of the little details, and so many of the big projects, and for being my right hand all weekend! Thank you for being my best friend, my biggest fan, and greatest source of inspiration. I couldn't have done it without you, and girl you are amazing!!!

I wanted to remind you all that not everything has to be altered "to the nines" to be spectacular, we have busy lives, and crazy schedules and we cant always make everything from scratch, Do like Sandra Lee and go "semi-homemade" trust me it is still really personal!

Happy creating!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Berry Baskets To Bunny Baskets

Can you hear my heart fluttering with the excitement that spring is here and Easter is on it's way? Lets start by me telling you that Easter is a landslide winner when it comes to favorite holidays. I love everything about it. The sweet pastel colors. The precious baby animals associated with spring. The dyed and candy eggs. And oh the baskets, how I love assembling a spring container filled with chocolate bunnies, flavorful jelly beans, and trinkets of traditions, be they old or new.

The inspiration for this basket was the idea of a vintage feeling simple Easter. I fell head over heels for the berry basket found on the new Spring cottage Cricut art cartridge. I decided to skip the handle and keep the berry basket like the ones I remembered from my childhood. I added a pretty cream lace, and a border cut in white found on the Garden soup art cartridge.

I filled the baskets with just a few sweets and a gift or two. I love how romantic and soft they turned out, just as I had hoped they would. I can't wait to share these, I feel like a kid sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the school bell to ring!!! {oh ummmmmm...... don't tell anyone but I had to replace the chocolate eggs, they were yummy!!} Seriously you didn't expect me to let that chocolate sit there taunting me until April did you??? This time the package stays closed until its time to hand them out!  *wink*

Grab a stack of pastel card stock, and make a few Bunny baskets for your Easter celebrations!!

Hoppy creating!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Wedding

  The Cake

The Favors

The Couple

The I Do

 The Dress

 The next chapter

The maid of honors vintage ring that was once her grandmothers.

The Maid of Honor

The Sweets table

Sugar Cookies

 The Bouquet

 The Flowers

 The sugar peony

The Bride and her tearful Momma!

I just wanted to share a few little things from the Wedding, it was a beautiful occasion!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cupcake Poppers!!

Are you ready for a little silliness? Good, because if you are here silliness is always on the menu...
what do you get when you combine The Cricut Imagine greeting cards inside and out cartridge, a tray of delicious cupcakes and a bachelorette party??

A dozen handsome men jumping out of cakes of course! When Meagan planned to include her 17 year old sister {and maid of honor} in the bachelorette party we knew that we had to choose a party that could provide a good time for the girls of all ages, but Chelsea thought it would be fun to use this image popping out of the cupcakes as kind of a joke about the brides strict "no strippers" rule!!
  They were a hoot and the girls almost fell over laughing when the tray was lifted to reveal these handsome hotties!! giggle! I have to applaud Provocraft's sense of humor found all through that cartridge, so many funny images that will bring genuine smiles!!! Its on my top ten favorite cartridges for sure!

I love that my oldest daughter felt it was important to include her little sister and some of her friends, as well as her girlfriends, and they all insisted I stay to join them...a little unusual I know, but I love that we are such a close knit family that it seemed perfectly normal!

Oh and did I mention I was the designated driver? It may have been a mostly mild night.....mostly!!!!! {those paper cupcake poppers were not the only hot guys in the building}

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Just a quick how do ya do, on this fine day o' wearin' green! May your day be lucky, pinch free, and have smiles a plenty! Happy St.Patrick's Day from this {part} Irish green eyed girl!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

TUBE socks

A few weeks ago the bridal party went to blow off a little steam bowling, dancing, and sipping a few cocktails. I wanted to give the girls a fun party favor that would fit the occasion...I really didn't care for many of the bridal party or bachelorette party trinkets and was stuck for a better option....then it hit me SOCKS!!! We all know how fashionable and lovely rented bowling shoes are {whatever} and I decided some fun bright silly socks would be a cute little favor. But how to make a pair of socks seem special enough to give as a favor? SRM TUBES of course!!! genius!

I rolled the sock up and used a strip of tape to secure the roll, inserted the sock and used a chopstick to push it it without "squishing" them..

 To finish the gift I added a ring pop { a nod to the brides big day} and a fun accent! Keep in mind that you really never know what color the ring pop is going to be...I purchased 8 and only one was pink with a pink ring base...oh well they were still super fun!

I topped the TUBE off.. well not the top, but the bottom, with SRM border stickers these are from the Birthday borders, and were just the thing to take the favor from good to great!

I loved seeing the girls reaction to their little gift, and they turned heads when they all put them an and strutted around in the silly socks! We had a great time, and having happy feet always makes life just that much better!

If you are planning a bowling party, or any type of function that fun socks could enhance, give  TUBE socks as your favor!!! Sure to be a big hit at any age!
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