Friday, February 17, 2012

Practice Bouquet

There is an old tradition of gathering the bows, ribbons,tissues and such from her shower gifts to create a practice bouquet for the day of the ceremony rehearsal. The idea is for the bride to have a bouquet to march down the aisle and pass off to her attendant, so she is prepared for the real thing. I love this idea, and decided to take the concept and create a pretty base for which to attach her bows.

The practice bouquet is gorgeous all on its own, and was made with a few simple items. I picked up this moss covered ball from the craft store, the base of the handle is the cardboard core from a roll of plastic wrap, covered with branches snipped off of one of our trees. I wrapped a small piece of burlap around the handle and tied a satin ribbon in a simple knot.

Simple, pretty, and sure to be a treasured part of her wedding......well the wedding rehearsal anyways!

Covered with with amazingly beautiful gift ties, ribbons, flowers cut from gift bags and bows her practice bouquet will be a one of a kind memento, just like every brides will be!


Sis Patterson said...

Super idea! And so pretty - I am sure it will be lovely at the rehearsal!

Susan said...

I feel like I'm in the thick of things. Love seeing all of your hand crafted pieces to the festivities. When is the wedding? Soon I'm thinking. Great job on everything!