Monday, February 13, 2012

Meagan Loves Nate Shower Banner

Nothing punctuates a party or celebration quite like a festive banner! This lacy pink and white confection welcomed guests and served as a backdrop for the bride to be. Letters cut with the Cricut are pink with a green shadow layer, and are popped up with foam tape.
  I edged each banner pennant with white lace that I  had leftover from an Easter dress I made for her when she was 7..... can you believe I have held on to that lace for so long?  I'm sure you can imagine there was a wee bit of sentimental value in that pretty length of white scallops!

The "center" pennant features the word loves and a darker shade of pink lettering to make it stand out in the crowd! Each section has 3 pearls at the point and a sweet little paper doily folded over the top, thus continuing the nod at our Bridal tea theme.

Banners can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be, I bet you will even have time to whip one up for Valentines day tomorrow! Every celebration can only be made more fabulous with a banner, and certainly more memorable! Meagan has a wonderful keepsake to hang this Valentines, anniversary ,and all year through if she would like...and why not? After all Meagan loves Nate!!!
Happy creating~


Unknown said...

I am a true lover of banners and your is AWESOME !!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Deneen said...

This is beautiful! I have loved everything you have done for your daughter's wedding. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Sis Patterson said...

A true memento of two very special occasions! I love that you had the lace from her 7 year old Easter dress - it's perfection!